Hamas Denounces Shooting at University Professor
Wednesday, February 15,2006 00:00
By palestine-info.co.uk

The Islamic resistance group, Hamas, along with other local figures and institutions on Tuesday denounced the shooting incident on Monday evening that targeted Dr. Ayub Othman, head of the university workers syndicate in the Azhar University – Gaza branch.

Dr. Othman, who was slightly wounded in his leg in the attack, said that he received telephone threats a week earlier on the part of an anonymous caller who warned him of continuing his criticisms and demands of holding elections in the University’s council.

"Certain parties do not wish for those elections to take place because they harm their personal interests," the English language professor opined, vowing not to bow to such threats.

Dr. Othman, 55, was hit by gunmen riding a speeding car after purchasing goods from a supermarket in Gaza city. Pedestrians carried the injured professor to the Shifa hospital.

Mushir Al-Masri, Hamas spokesman and its successful MP candidate in the Strip, described the incident as "criminal" and fell in line with the overwhelming security chaos in the PA-run lands.

He affirmed his Movement’s denunciation of such an act and affirmed importance of prosecuting the perpetrators. He added that Hamas had a clear vision on means of ending the security dilemma the PA-run lands were passing through.

Other figures and institutions lashed out at the assault and demanded the immediate arrest and prosecution of the culprits.

The Palestinian human rights center, for one, strongly condemned the use of force or threatening its use and urged the PA to seriously act to put an end to such crimes.