A Brotherhood Activist Banned from Travel
A Brotherhood Activist Banned from Travel
Tuesday, February 7,2006 00:00
By (Ikhwan web)
On Sunday, the Egyptian authorities barred Muhammad Hashmate of the Muslim Brotherhood, the head of Sudanese Committee at the Union of Arab Physicians, from traveling to Sudan to participate in the union’s annual conference.
In his statements to Ikhwan online, Hashmate said while being in the air port, he was informed, at 1 a.m., that his travel is impermissible.
’I showed them an official document indicates that I am not prohibited from traveling but they claimed that his travel ban was made two days ago,’ Hashmate explained.
Hashmate condemned this procedure saying it illustrates that the Interior Ministry does not act in accordance with law but comfortable to its mood. Unless there is a court verdict, forbidding honorable people from travel is unjustified.
This measure, in addition, reflects the imbalanced state of the government. It, moreover, demonstrates that allegations of reform are mere words. If the government denies him travel permit in the future, relative legal actions will be taking, Hashmate implied.
It is worth mentioning that Hashmate has been prevented seven times from flying to a number of countries, among them the U.S., Sudan, Beirut, and Algeria.