Hamas’ Spokesman: Liberation is One of Our Fundamentals
Monday, January 23,2006 00:00
By (Ikhwan web)

The spokesman of the Palestinian movement Hamas, Samy Abu Zahry, told Ikhwan Web, the official English site of the Muslim Brotherhood, that Hamas adheres to its principles and ideologies regarding the resistance of Israeli occupation and the liberation of each grain of the Palestinian soil, and the establishment of the Palestinian state, of which Jerusalem is its capital. ’The non- recognition of the occupying identity is of our invariable principles,’ he added. Holding negotiations with it has no space.        
Concluding his news releases, Abu Zahry emphasized that Hamas’ electoral platform does not contradict with its fundamental ideologies, concerning the enemy or any other aspects.
In a previous statement, Abu Zahry accused Muhammad Dahlan, the former president of the Palestinian Preventative Security, with prejudicing and exaggerating against Hamas. The statement labeled Dahlan ’ a man that made attacks on Hamas his main material of propaganda.’