The Brotherhood Deputy Leader: We Refuse Foreign Pressure for Reform
Sunday, January 22,2006 00:00
By (Ikhwan online)

The Muslim Brotherhood’s deputy leader, Muhammad Habeeb, asserted to Ikhwan online, the rejection of the group and of Egyptians to the foreign pressure for political reform and freedom in Egypt. He indicated that the Egyptian effective and active powers are able to gain the Egyptians’ rights via peaceful and modern pressure along with constitutional and legal channels.  
On Tuesday, the American Vice President Dec Cheney paid a visit to Egypt, during which he held talks with the President Hosny Mubark and a number of key seniors.
Commenting on this visit, Habeeb said that no one knows the specific aim of this visit. Does Cheney come to encourage Egypt to play a role in Iraq or in Lebanese-Syrian issue or in the Palestinian case? Or does he come to foster the release of freedom in Egypt? 
The Muslim Brotherhood’s deputy leader stressed Egypt has its own agendas and considerations concerning these issues just like the U.S. ’I think Egypt will adopt a stance that echoes its reputation, its position, its concern of the national security and its strategic role on the regional and international levels,’ Habeeb added.
In respect of pushing the political freedom in Egypt, Habeeb said that the Brotherhood does not much lean on these visits. ’We do not desire any side to step in our affairs,’ Habeeb concluded his statements to Ikhwan online.