Experts: the Muslim Brotherhood Adheres to Reform
Experts: the Muslim Brotherhood Adheres to Reform
Sunday, January 22,2006 00:00
By (Ikhwan web)
A group of political experts asserted that the Muslim Brotherhood made concrete steps towards reform via adopting a public-concern agenda.
In a conference, entitled ’the long-desired reform and its impediments’, held by the Arab Program for Advocates of the Human Rights, experts said that the Muslim Brotherhood yields now the fruits of its great efforts exerted during the outgoing parliamentary polls.
A professor at the political science, Dr. Hwaida Adly, remarked that the policies of Arab regimes marginalize opposition and parties. Therefore, they lost their popular support. The political reform should be accompanied by a restructure of the political institutions. She called on opposition powers to follow the steps of the Brotherhood, got 88 parliament seats, as regard their interest in the grassroots. 
A Syrian professor at the political science, Osama Neasah, explained that the autocratic system along with repressive laws is the true obstructions of the political reform. Accordingly, he demanded the emergency laws to be annulled while the civil society and human right organization to be activated.
On his part, Medhat el-Zahed, a journalist, expounded that the amendment of the constitutional article 76, preventing independents from running for presidency, confirms the unreal will of reform of the Egyptian regime, whose ideology of democracy comes down to how to remain in office.  
Dr. Ahmed Thabet, a professor at the political science, indicated the political system makes up the tactic of ’allegiance buying’, i.e. to offer a band of educational, political and security leaders additional privileges in return for closing their eyes to its contravention and unwillingness of reform.  
El-Sadeq el-Mahdy, the ex-Sudanese prime minister, the Palestinian activist, Khalil Abu Shamalah, the Sudanese Dr. el-Shafea Khader, and the Jordanian Dr. Emad Rabea attended the conference, as well.