Financial Corruption Charges Facing the Government
Financial Corruption Charges Facing the Government
Saturday, January 21,2006 00:00
By (Al Masryeon)

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Member of Parliament (MP), Akram el-Share, intends to table an oral question to the Prime Minister and the Agriculture Minister concerning the government favor for businessmen regarding Toshky Project. In spite the reclamation of a feddan costs 18.000 pounds, the government puts it for sale at the price of 50 pounds. In addition, the government offers investors unjustified privileges, including 20-year tax exemption, free-tariff access to their imported equipments and requirements. Thus, the state misses significant recourses of custom revenues.
In his statements to Al-mesryoon daily, el-Share said this low price of the feddan is, moreover, paid in installments. In other words, investors and businessmen pay but ten pounds, at rate of 20% of the real expenses of a reclaimed feddan.  
The Brotherhood’s parliamentarian asserted that Toshky’s toll costs soars at 6.5 billions, drawn from the state budget,  without yielding tangibly profitable returns on the Egyptian economy.
Furthermore, el-Share criticized the government double-scale attitude concerning this issue. Where it puts forward facilitative procedures to businessmen, it proposes rigorous conditions to graduates and those who desire to own reclaimed land. While an investor pays ten pounds, youth should give 4.000 pounds. He concluded condemning the government approach that look after the interests of businessmen overlooking the social stability.