Noha el-Zeini is a Model for Arabs
Sunday, January 1,2006 00:00
By Khaled el-Harob

I was in Egypt when the Judge Noha el-Zeini bore her historic witness on the ballot rigging of Damanhore constituency during the recently concluded parliamentary polls. In spite of the critical situation where Mustafa el-Faqy is a heavyweight in the National Democratic Party and his competitor is the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood, Gamal Hashemite, she persisted to disclose the reality. In her statement to el-Misery el-Youm daily, she said that the ballot count showed Gamal Hashemite gaining 53.000 votes while 7.000 went to el-Faqy. However, the president of the electoral general commission asked all monitoring judges to leave. Later, el-Faqy came out victor.
el-Zeini acknowledged her witness may cause her troubles; nevertheless, she preferred to maintain her self-respect. The echo of this rare courage was wide. It turned Noha into a public story. She, in addition, branded some judges, who preferred to remain silent, ’flat judiciary’ that yields to temptation.
On the other hand, Mustafa el-Faqy, the forgery-resulting MP, is Arab-world-wide known intellectual. The sense of deep desire of reform features his writings. It was thought that he fights corruption. Yet, his acceptance of rigged result brought him down; it drew him in to the yard of corruption. It, moreover, grew his works into meaningless words.
Inconsistency of his stance is remarkable. Ahead of the vote, he released that he would resign if the ballot is forged for his favor. Later, he said he would not leave the parliament unless the Cassation Court makes it ruling, which usually takes two years to be made.      
The rise of non-famous el-Zeini and the drop of the well-known intellectual el-Faqy is a metaphor of the deteriorating situation in the Arab world. This contradictory image alerts the need for fair law and disinterested judiciary. When an intellectual abandons his own beliefs and sacrifices his thoughts in order to achieve gains, it comes as a severe blow.
In fact, el- Zeini sets a good example for the law representatives who tolerate temptations. She implies the long-dreamed free law and judiciary. She contrasts those who are merely talking but fail in the first real test.