Brotherhood-Coptic Dialogue Continues in Alex
Brotherhood-Coptic Dialogue Continues in Alex
Saturday, December 31,2005 00:00
By (Ikhwan web)

On Wednesday, the Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders in Alexandria conducted a new round of talks with Coptic leading figures. The meeting was also attended by representatives of some political powers.
The MB’s delegation consisted of Ibrahem el-Zafrany and Ali Abdul Fattah. On the other hand, Priest Rady Eskander and Michel Zaky of the Angelic Church of Alexandria were the second party of the dialogue. The head of the Egyptian Association for Knowledge and Modern Man, Kamal Zakhr, Abdul Rahman of el-Karama Party, Mahmmud Omran, and Said Alam participated also.   
El-Zafrany asserted that the Brotherhood-Coptic relation is scarred. So we should find out reasons behind the ruts. The government role in inciting this problem is undeniable. In addition, the public unawareness contributes in widening the gap. Certain sectors that gain from this difference have certainly a hand inflaming it. In other wards, the Brotherhood in itself is not an inherent party of the problem.
El-Zafrany clarified that the major representation of the Brotherhood in the parliament, 88 seats, provides a good chance to cast light on the group and to know its reality. Since the MB is not a parliamentary majority, fearing them is unnecessary.       
On his part, Michel Zaky linked the prevailing fear of the Brotherhood, felt equally by Copts and Muslims, to the government-owned media war against the group. However, these worries are dispersed after holding meetings with the Brotherhood’s leaders. Therefore, all, Muslims and Copts, should join their efforts to figure out the current problems of Egyptians. He, moreover, called on the group to put across its stance regards certain issues; of women, of tourism and of arts.
Abdul Fattah stressed the critical Egyptian status quo. The Brotherhood clearly considers Copts citizens not subjects. The public should lend ears to the Brotherhood to rectify group’s media-made deformed image.