Today: The Second Round of Brotherhood-Copt Dialogue
Today: The Second Round of Brotherhood-Copt Dialogue
Wednesday, December 28,2005 00:00
By Muhammad el-Shreef, Ikhwan online

On Tuesday’s evening, a new round of the Brotherhood-Copt dialogue series, initiated two weeks ago, takes place between a delegation of the Muslim Brotherhood and a number of Christian elite.
The MB’s delegation includes Muhammad Ali of the Supreme Council, Essam el-Arian and Muhammad Abdul Qudos, MB’s influential members, along with the MPs Hazem Faroq and Akram el-Share.
Muhammad Abdul Qudos said the dialogue designates to bridge the Brotherhood-Copt relation since they are partner of the country. It, in addition, disperses provocative fears of both sides. It, moreover, provides a golden chance for the MB to display its parliamentary agenda and to clarify the connection between the Brotherhood’s MPs and the Coptic voters.
Yusseif Saidhome, the editor-in-chief of Watany newspapers and Amen Fahim, a Catholic leader will be among the Coptic figures due to attend the discussion.
The third round of the dialogue is scheduled for in January, after the Christmases and el-Adha (sacrifice) Muslim Fest