A Priest Exhorts Copts to Join the Brotherhood
A Priest Exhorts Copts to Join the Brotherhood
Friday, December 23,2005 00:00
By Beshir el-Adel and Shaban Hedaia, Elmasreen

During the first round of serial meetings with Copts, held at Sawasya Center for Human Right, the Muslim Brotherhood announced preparations to release a number of ideological writings on the divisive issues, i.e. of Copts and women. The Brotherhood requested Copts to participate in political life as Egyptians not as Copts.
During the discussion, entitled’ Copts in the Wake of the Brother’s Political Rise’ arranged on Monday, a surprise sounded when an Angelic Priest, Refat Fakry, pressed the Brotherhood for opening its door before Copts to nourish the contact between Copts and Brothers.
On the same connection, the participated experts and intellectuals cautioned against the government bids fostering Copts’ fear of the Brotherhood. Egypt is in need for unity and convergence to conquer its accumulated problems, they expounded.
Fahmy Hwaidy, a columnist at government-owned Al-Ahram daily, asserted that the Egyptian status quo requires surpassing sectarian issues that provoke disunity. In stead, exploration of urgent solutions for Egypt’s problem should take precedence over.
Samir Morqus, a Coptic researcher, reviewed his paper which depicts Coptic worries over the Muslim Brotherhood. It underlines certain themes; intellectual sectarianism, casting religious shadows on politics, equality, faith freedom, observation of religious rites and citizenship,