Two Brotherhood Nominees in el-Mansora were Defeated by Fraud
Friday, December 2,2005 00:00
By (Ikhwan online)

Two Brotherhood Nominees in el-Mansora were Defeated by Fraud
In a new episode of ballot fraud, the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidates in el-Mansora were announced unsuccessful albeit their sweeping lead during ballot count, where Hany Ali got 11000 votes and Saber Zaher took 11100 votes.
After electoral count sub-commissions finished vote counting, results were delivered to the president of the general commission who calculated the final outcome secretly then declared this fraudulent outcome.  
Meanwhile, security forces besieged the count commission before the result came out.
In his comment on this flagrant fraud, Hany Ali expressed his astonishment saying 80% of vote went to him and to Saber Zaher. However, the count result was rigged when security forces laid a siege to the count commission.    
Hany added that he will lodge tomorrow a complaint to the Judges Union against that judge who forged voters’ will.  It is worth mentioning that this dishonorable judge was charged with fraud ballot in Kerdasa constituency in the second round of polls.