Molotov and Stones Used in Banha’s polls
Sunday, November 27,2005 00:00
By (Ikhwan online)

Molotov and Stones Used in Banha’s polls

By Yasser Hady
Banha constituency, of Qalubiya governorate, in which a run-off is hold between the Moslem Brotherhood’s nominee, Muhssen Rady and he National Democratic Party’s, is rife with violations and irregularities.
In the beginning of the polling day, Police arrested a number of the supporters of Brotherhood’s nominee. In addition, a computer set was retained under the pretext of being used to help of the Brotherhood’s candidate. 
Thugs hired by the NDP attacked the backers of the Brotherhood’s nominee in most polling centers, using Molotov cocktail and stones. Furthermore, the polling stations of el-Shiama School were taken over by policemen and thugs; a situation which led to its closure at 1pm.
Surprisingly, riot policemen have come to this poll but departed very soon disregarding requests to remain in order to protect voters, polling stations and candidates’ representatives.
In Kafr Gazar village, thugs blocked its polling centers. In a number of other villages, gangsters threw stones at the supporters of the Brotherhood’s candidate. Astonishingly, these violent actions are perpetrated at the hand of security officials.
Police engaged in a silly play to have pretence to detain the Brotherhood’s supporter. Policemen threw stones on the National Democratic Party’s nominee, who on his part pretended to knocked unconscious; the given perpetrators were, of course, the supporters of the Brotherhood’s candidate.
The operative force behind these coercive measures was to divert the efforts of Brotherhood’s supporters from mobilizing pro-Brotherhoods votes.
Despite these mishaps, election supervisory judges demonstrated honorable pictures. In Kafr el-Gazar village, the monitor judge ordered policemen not to hinder voters form casting votes, for example.
The police stations in Banha and Tokh did not allow issuing official documents needed to make proxies for candidates’ representatives, alleging that this ban is applied to all candidates; however, it turned that only the Brotherhood’s nominee who met this prohibition.