The Latest Developments in Alex
Saturday, November 26,2005 00:00
By (Ikhwan online)

The Latest Developments in Alex

In the light of violence and thuggery hit Garbel constituency, the president of the Judge Union ordered the supervisory judge of Ahmed Badawy polling station to suspend voting and to leave the polling center.
This decision is made after detecting the infringements committed in the polling stations of Garbel, where police hinder the polling smoothness.
Meanwhile, security figures tried to persuade the presidents of some polling centers, who halt polling process as voters are prevented from casting votes, to resume the voting.
Actually, Garble district is fraught with irregularities. For example, a group of thugs attacked the supporters of the Moslem Brotherhood. In addition, a bus packed with people headed for a polling center to collectively give votes. Moreover, employees of some companies were forced to vote.
On the other side, Tawkul Masod, the Brotherhood’s candidate in el-Dakhala constituency, held a press conference attended by a team of reporters, in which he disclosed the contraventions that marred the voting process in Alexandria.
Before el-Wardan polling station, more than three thousands of citizens and Brotherhood’s members rallied demanding fair election.