Detentions in Suez
Sunday, November 20,2005 00:00
By Ikhwan online,

Detentions in Suez

In the first and the second districts of Suez government, police launched a campaign to prevent voters to elect the nominees of the Moslem Brotherhood. People, for example, were hindered to enter polling centers. In addition, 60 men and 4 women were arrested.


In Port Taufeq and Ataka districts, face-covered women stood before the polling stations to urge voters not to select the Moslem Brotherhood’s candidates. Furthermore, thugs attempted to provoke fights with people in Fasal and el-Arba’n Cities.


Intentions of fraud in the polls, located in Omer Makram School, were about to be committed unless the supervisory judge halted it. Ahmed el-Dab’, the National Democratic Party’s nominee, accompanied by a general commander, tried to mark ballots for the favor of the NDP’s candidates. However, the supervisory judge rejected and threat to report the general electoral commission and media. Therefore, el-Deb’ was forced to leave but he headed for another polling center.