The MB Nominees are Attacked in Alex
Sunday, November 20,2005 00:00
By Amal Aloma press,

The MB Nominees are Attacked in Alex

In Alexandria, thuggery and violence, and police partiality are the general features of the polling day.  


In el-Mandora district, voters were assaulted. Four agents of the Moslem Brotherhood’s candidate, Tawakol Messed, were arrested. In Amerya district, dogs were used to terrify voters.


In el-Ramel district, a driver of an independent candidate was killed, in addition to a thug. The dead driver, Muhammad Ahmed, who is a supporter of relinquished-NDP candidate, was beat up to death by the thugs hired by the National Democratic Party, as AFP news agency mentioned.


The BBC reported that two independent nominees were stabbed and  admitted to the hospital. Moreover, 12 cars were set on fire.