Acquittals For 3 Referred To Military Court
Acquittals For 3 Referred To Military Court
Wednesday, April 4,2007 23:21

South Cairo Criminal court acquitted on Monday a number of Muslim Brotherhood detainees, including three referred to a military court: Sadek Al Sharqawi, Dr. Essam Abdul Mohsen Afifi, and Gamal Mahmoud Shaban, in addition to a big number of MB members from several governorates .
The court acquitted also:

From Sharqiya:
Reda Hamed Al Sawi

Nasr Mohamed Sayed Nour

Emad Abdul Ma"bood Mohamed Mostafa

Ahmed Ibrahim Al Kordi

Mohamed Ahmed Othman Shaath
From Gharbiya:
Mohamed Nagib Al Nagar

Alaa Ahmed Sayed Ghuraba

Hamdi Mohamed Sayed

Ahmed Mohamed Al Shennawi Al Nagar
From Dakahlia:

Ramadan Abdul Samad Abdul Gawaad .
Despite these acquittals, the released persons are still under arrest, like what happened with eng. Khairat Al Shater, the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, and a number of MB leaders transferred to military tribunals after they were acquitted by court last Thursday .
The court is hearing on Tuesday an appeal lodged by Dr. Amir Bassam, Mahmoud Al Morsi and Dr. Farid Galbat .
In a related context, the security authorities in Dakahlia released Abdul Fattah Qasem Abdul Fattah after he was acquitted two days earlier; he has already returned home.
The Egyptian authorities released also eng. Mohamed Al Beltagi, the office manager of MP Ali Fath Al Bab; Al Beltagi was detained 1 1/2 months ago, while Mohamed Hassan the office manager of MP Mohammedi Abdul Maqsood, engineer Mahmoud Abu Douma, are still detained although they were acquitted by court.
For his part, lawyer Mostafa Al Demeiri considered the releases a good move and prove that the detentions are politically motivated and are based on groundless accusations.
Al Demeiri hoped that the detainees get released and that the Interior Ministry doesn"t keep them under arrest like others.