Abu el-Fotoh: the MB Candidates are 3% out of the Total
Wednesday, November 9,2005 00:00
By Ikhwan Online

Abu el-Fotoh: the MB Candidates are 3% out of the Total

By Yassen Abdel Maqsod
Dr. Abdel Monam Abu el-Fotoh, a member of the Moslem Brotherhood’s Supreme Council, said that the MB nominees represent 3% of the total number of candidates running for the parliamentary election, due to start tomorrow, Nov.9th.


In his statements to the satellite channel MBC, on Nov.8th, Abu el-Fotoh stated that 40-50 of the Moslem Brotherhood nominees are expected to win, if the election is fair.


He added that the election propaganda voiced the freedom which was given to candidates, regardless some contraventions. Yet, it was under the emergency law. In addition, electoral registers are not refined. Moreover, full judiciary supervision over the election is absent.


He remarked that these unhealthy conditions diminish the chance of the opposition to win more than 100 parliament seats; a ratio which does not entitle to pass any constitutional amendments for the approval of two thirds of the parliament is a must.