The Moslem Brotherhood’s Methodology of Reform (33)
Monday, November 7,2005 00:00
By Ikhwanweb

The Moslem Brotherhood’s Methodology of Reform (33)

By Dr. Mahmmud Ezet, the Secretary General of the Moslem Brotherhood


In order to give a complete answer to the question; why does the Moslem Brotherhood insist on the Islamic ideology of reform? We have shown eight prime features of Islamic reform, and then we refute the justifications of choosing another methodology or mixing the Islamic ideology of reform with others.


Now we shed light on the Islamic world’s endeavors to get out of the current civilization degeneration that extended over two decades. The Islamic State had impaired. As a result, the Islamic countries have been occupied; its wealth has been plundered. Accordingly, reformist movements emerged; some based on the Islamic ideology, others absorbed the European secularism, while others were affected by communism.  


In addition, national liberal movements appeared to fight occupation, which was a great obstacle before renascence and reform. These movements were based on the Islamic principle; that liberation of Islamic countries is a must on male and female, Moslem and non-Moslem. To get rid of occupation, the Islamic world has offered boundless sacrifices.


Therefore, occupation has found no way but to leave, yet it maintained its control over the destiny of the countries via the ruling systems that have been influenced by the materialistic ideologies of the West; liberalism and secularism, the doctrines of the East; communism and socialism. In this way, the Islamic world has suffered twice, from occupation and from the deposited systems.


After the implantation of Israel in Palestine, Europe lost the world steering wheel. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US attempted to impose its domination over the entire world, using its mass media, its military power, and its high technology. It, moreover, sought to disseminate its materialistic beliefs and to wane all Moslem and non-Moslem ideologies of reform via the so-call globalization.


The Moslem Brotherhood, on its part, achieved a great success in the maintenance of the pure Islamic methodology of reform and called the Islamic world to it. For the Islamic reform should be a product of the efforts of the whole nation. Progress and reform should be established by well-qualified individuals. Therefore, individuals ought to improve themselves first. 


In conclusion, it is preferable for the Islamic world, which tolerated great sacrifices in the cause of reform and freedom, to insist on this Islamic ideology of reform. Therefore, the Moslem Brotherhood makes its slogan ’ Islam is the solution’. Now, it becomes clear why the Moslem Brotherhood persists to adopt the Islam-inspired reform.       

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