Muslim Brotherhood denies Request for Links with U.S.
Muslim Brotherhood denies Request for Links with U.S.
Tuesday, November 1,2005 00:00

Damascus, 31 Oct. (AKI) - Syria’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood movement on Monday denied requesting links with the Bush administration in Washington, calling such reports "lies and fabrication" in a statement. The statement called on the media "to verify the truth of information it handled and the news it publishes, and to be ready accept liability for this".

The Muslim Brotherhood’s statement followed a declaration by opposition writer Nabil Fayyad, published on the United Arab Emirates TV network al-Arabiya’s website. Fayyad stated that Ali Sadr al-Din al-Bayanuni, general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, had in May asked Syrian opposition figure Farid al-Ghadiri - who enjoys Washington’s support - "to open a channel of communication with the US administration".

Al-Ghadiri however laid down the condition that the Muslim Brotherhood sign a document stating that it supports the creation of a secular state, which al-Bayanuni confirmed his readiness to do, according to Fayyad.

The Muslim Brotherhood recently announced it full support for the Syrian opposition’s pledge to bring about national democratic change. In 2004-2005, the group launched the ’Syria of the future’ campaign to achieve national consensus for a democratic alternative in the country.

The Syrian authorities arrested Fayyad in 2004, after he took part in Syria’s Forum for Liberal Dialogue. He was released without charge a month later, and subsequently published a declaration praising "the good treatment" he had received from the Syrian authorities.