Jordan’s IAF Appoints Christian An Administrative Leading Member
Jordan’s IAF Appoints Christian An Administrative Leading Member
Tuesday, February 20,2007 14:24
The Islamic Action Front Party elected, for the first time, a Christian as a leading member in the party"s branch in the Third Constituency of Amman .
The executive office of the party, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Jordan, approved the win of Aziz Masada (44 years), a member in the administrative organization of the Third Constituency of Amman, in addition to 6 other members led by Farouk Badran.
Masada is considered "the only Christian member " in the Islamic Action (IAF), the biggest Jordanian party, which he joined about five years ago .
For his part, Masada praised the confidence of his colleagues in the third constituency of the Islamic Action Front Party, and he confirmed that "The party"s program and policies are consistent with his political ideology and his method of a political action", denying that " he has any feeling of contradiction " due to his joining a party that makes Islam its emblem" and he said:" I do not feel any discrimination inside the party."
Masada, who joined two other parties for a short time before joining the Islamic Action Front, said that he found his party needs in the IAF, as it is " full of ideas, experience and diversity, and the party has a popular and effective presence."
He hopes to run for the parliamentary elections in the third constituency in Amman and " on the slate of the IAF ", pointing out that " if he runs for the elections, he will compete on the Christian seat in the third constituency " .
It is worth mentioning that the internal regulation of the Islamic Action Front Party - founded in 1992, doesn"t differentiate between citizens according to religion in accepting party membership, and having various positions.
For his part, Zaki Bin Arsheed, the Secretary-General of Islamic Action Front Party, said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that Masada"s win is logical because the regulation of the Islamic Action Front doesn"t contain any provision obstructing a Christian"s gaining a leading positions in the party.
Bin Arsheed pointed out that this win confirms the Islamists view towards the party, confirming that it is a civil, not a religious, party; the Islamic Action Front Party is open for the public and that all members have equal opportunities to gain leading positions in the party according to the internal elections of the party.
Bin Arsheed said that the party is studying now in admission requests of three Christian citizens, and he expects the they will be accepted in the party, that includes thousands of members.