Fresh Sweep Of Arrests Against MB in Qalyubiyah
Fresh Sweep Of Arrests Against MB in Qalyubiyah
Wednesday, May 23,2007 13:33
A police force supported by a law enforcement unit and a force from Shibin El Kanatar police station arrested on Tuesday afternoon a group of persons supporting lawyer Ahmed Khattab, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the Shura Council elections for the constituency of Shibin El Kanatar and Al Khankah .
The illegal raids took place in broad daylight and the forces disheveled the belongings of the detainees while searching their houses. 11 persons were arrested:
1-Al-Sayyed Abdul Fattah Mahmoud
2-Atef Gawish
3-Gamal Al-Mugh
4-Mohamed Salim Al Shalh
The forces raided the houses of the following but they didn"t find them:
1--Mohamed Hosni Nassar
2--Ahmed Mohamed Hassaan
While both:
1-Ayman Al Sayed Ahmed Ghuniman
2--Mohamed Sobhi Matar
were taken hostages instead of Ahmed Al Sayed Ahmed Ghuniman, brother the first because he wasn"t at home during the raid, and they took another hostage, Maher Etman a hostage till his brother Mohamed Etman surrenders himself .
The security forces launched a similar sweep of arrest in the city of Al Khankah , and detained Mohamed Mosleh Faris, while they didn"t find:
1-- Eng. Ahmed Maher
2-Yassin Ali Abdul Maqsoud
The security forces launched also on Wednesday at dawn a raid on the village of Al-Diar , Shibin El Kanatar, and arrested another group of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the constituency of Al Khankah and Shebin:
1- Ahmed Mohamed Abdul Monsef, employee in the Ministry of Finance
2-Mostafa Mohamed Saad Akhsaea, educational press specialist
3-Mohamed Helmi Abdul Halim, employee at the health insurance
4--Mohamed Said Mahdi, a teacher
They started to appear before Shibin El Kanatar prosecution on Wednesday. The prosecution released three of them, including Mohamed Mosleh Faris who has already been released, while the two other two persons, Ayman Al Sayed Ahmed Ghuniman and Al Sayed Abdul Fattah Mahmoud, were arrested again by the state security. The others are still interrogated.
For his part, Mohsen Radi, the MB parliamentarian for the constituency of Banha, Al-Qalyubia, that these detentions are part of the Egyptian regime"s ongoing crackdown against leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood ahead of the Shura Council midterm elections scheduled to be held next June, 11th.
Radi confirmed in a statement to Ikhwanweb that these detentions are expected by the Muslim Brotherhood. This is due to the fact the Egyptian regime adopts this policy because of its very low public rating and the very high public rating of all Muslim Brotherhood candidates.
Radi pointed out that the Egyptian regime found no solution to beat the Muslim Brotherhood except through launching more unjust sweeps of arrest against its leaders and members. 
It is worth mentioning that there are ongoing sweeps of arrests against leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in the constituencies in which the MB declared it fielded candidates to run the Shura Council elections. The total number of MB members and leaders detained during the past two days reached about 80