New Detentions for MB supporters in Menoufeya
New Detentions for MB supporters in Menoufeya
Tuesday, May 29,2007 20:24
By Mel Frykberg

The Egyptian Security Forces have launched arrest campaigns today (Tuesday 295) at dawn at the centre and head office of Quesna and Berket al-Sab’, the department of MB candidate “Salah Al-Samri”. These continuing detentions by the Egyptian authorities are to obstacle the MB candidates, and to prevent them from having their “legal” advertising campaigns for the Shura council elections of 2007. This happens after the MB candidates have succeeded to get a judiciary verdict that allows them to participate in such elections.


The names of the recent detainees are:

  1. Hajj Ahmed Hasabu, owner of  a contracting company, from Quisna.
  2. Eng. Ramzi Fekri Abdul- ‘Ati, electric engineer, from Damhoog Quisna.
  3. Eng. Mohamed Ramadan, agricultural engineer, Abahnas Quisna.
  4. Zein Al- Abedeen Mohamed Omar, math teacher,  Mastay Quisna.
  5. Sayed Riyad, manager of Shebin Al- Koum insurance, Shamandeel Quisna.
  6. Abdul- Nasser Abdul- Bari Al- Khateeb, employee at the post company.


The Egyptian authorities also broke into many other houses of the MB supporters, but they were not detained as the authorities didn’t find them home.


Mr. Salah Al-Samri stated that these detentions are just a continuation of preventing the MB candidates from their right of publishing their advertising campaigns freely. He also stated to “Ikhwan web” that this is a nature step and extension from the Egyptian authorities to limit the role of the MB concerning political issues, and to stop them from political participation in Egypt in general. This is a policy being done by the Egyptian regime from a very long time.


It’s worth mentioning that the Egyptian Security Forces are having daily aggressive arrest campaigns to the MB members, leaders, and supporters. Sadly, More than 100 MB members were arrested during the last few days.