Monem Free
Monem Free
Wednesday, May 30,2007 13:07

In a surprise decision, the High State Security Prosecutor ordered the release of MB blogger and journalist Abdel Monem Mahmoud, along with the group of students from the Institute of Agricultural Engineering, in addition to three MB leaders including Dr. Mohamed Abdelal, assistant professor of plastic surgery at Ein Shams University, Dr. Salem Ramdan, and engineer Nader Ramdan.

Monem and his group are expected to be release on Saturday after completing paperwork.

Attorney Islam Lotfi praised the decision which took everyone by surprise. He added that the release came as result of the pressure by bloggers and human rights organizations across the world. He called for the immediate release of MB detainees and all political prisoners in Egypt.

Lotfi also stated that the release order came without any explanation exactly as the decision to arrest them in the first place, which was completely unjustified.

More details to follow