MP: 11 Egyptian Businessmen Seized 59 Billion Pounds
MP: 11 Egyptian Businessmen Seized 59 Billion Pounds
Friday, June 8,2007 11:16
MB Parliamentarian: 11 Egyptian Businessmen Seized 59 Billion Pounds
Brotherhood MP Saad Al Husseini attacks the mushrooming corruption in Egypt , citing incidents of taking state-owned lands for meager prices and selling them for high prices.
Eng. Saad Al Husseini, the assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, lodged an interrogation to both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Housing around results of selling state-owned lands in an open auction which brought in 17.6 billion pounds in two days and uncovered violations committed by the previous Minister of Housing who allocated state-owned lands to specific persons of influence. The Muslim Brotherhood MP pointed out that the auction in which a group of pieces of land, including three pieces which were sold with high prices, because they are suitable for business projects estimated between 1300 and 4000 pounds. As for the three other pieces that were sold as part of the housing projects, their prices were estimated according to markets price between 750 and 853 pounds per metre, confirming that the policies of the previous Minister of Housing who was working under the current Prime Minister made him sell state-owned lands without auctioning them. This actually led to, according to tentative estimations, losing more than 60 billion pounds which should have been being in the state treasury. He pointed out to that the land taken by Madinaty project" 8000 acres (33.6 million square meters), if sold with the minimum price of the auction, 750 pounds, the overall price of Madinaty project in the open auction would have been 25.6 billion pounds.
Al Husseini revealed that, according to many official reports show that:
Mohamed Abul Enein took 1520 acres (6.3 million square meters) in Marsa Alam for $1 a metre and paid only 20 %, of the price and sold it 200 pounds per metre to gain 1.26 billion pounds
Ahmed Ezz seized a whole region in west of Gulf of Suez . he got 5000 acres (21 million square meters) and sold it for 100 pounds a metre to gain up to 2.1 billion pounds
Mohamed Farid Khamis took (west of Gulf of Suez ) 8000 acres (33.6 million square meters) sold it for 100 pounds per metre to gain 3.2 billion pounds
Magdi Rasikh took 2200 acres in Sheikh Zayed for fifty pounds ametre and sold it for 700 pounds ametre, to gain up to 6.468 billion pounds.
Ibrahim Nafaa and Hassan Hamdi took 1500 acres the Al-xandria-Cairo desert road and sold them to Mohsen Al Sharbatli, for 200 pounds a metre to gain up to 1.26 billion pounds.
For his part, MP Al Husseini told Ikhwanweb that:" Corruption is mushrooming in Egypt . Corruption has developed into a huge institution that has hands in all institutions in Egypt .
Al Husseini pointed out that the Egyptian government acknowledged that corruption is huge and that Zakariya Azmi, President"s chief of staff, attacked this spread of corruption but in vain. The government has no clear plan to fight this corruption. It is needless to say that the government is actually participating in the creation of the mafia of corruption in Egypt .