Election March of Damietta MB Candidate Assaulted, 3 Detained
Election March of Damietta MB Candidate Assaulted, 3 Detained
Friday, June 8,2007 12:46
Egyptian security forces in the governorate of Damietta, north of Cairo, assaulted and beat a march backing Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the Shura Council midterm elections, Fekri Al Adham.
The forces kidnapped also 3 of his supporters:
Mahmoud Shabana, a member of the bar association in Damietta
Dr. Mahmoud Al-Raei, veterinarian
Mohamed Al Azouni, a teacher.
The attackers included, in addition to the security forces, a big group of bullies who attacked on Wednesday at noon this march which was organized by the MB candidate while he and a group of his supporters were campaigning in the region of Bab Al-Haras, Damietta .
For his part, Fekri Al Adham, the MB candidate in Damietta, said that what happened is a part of the series of bullying carried out by the Interior Ministry against the Muslim Brotherhood candidates .
Al Adham added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that he was surprised by these tough exercises that included assaulting and beating supporters by a group of bullies and security forces. The MB candidate said this action confirms that the Egyptian regime plans to rig the coming elections and to prevent any opposition candidate from winning any seat in the Shura Council (upper chamber of parliament).