Habib: Democracy is Our Choice Toward a Civil State
Habib: Democracy is Our Choice Toward a Civil State
Wednesday, June 13,2007 13:01
By Dr.Mohamed Habib

Dr. Mohamed Habib, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), reiterated that democracy is the MB’s choice toward the establishment of a civil State with an Islamic frame of reference.

We accept democracy and Political pluralism 

In an interview with the Spanish daily ABC, Dr. Habib said, “Muslim Brothers have declared their adoption of democracy and acceptance of that choice as a basis for change toward the establishment of a State based on justice and freedom. They similarly declared their acceptance of political pluralism, peaceful rotation of power and the fact that the nation is the source of powers.”

 Dr. Habib went on to say that “the people is the only party that has the right to choose their government, deputies and representatives and the right to bring them to account and to dismiss them in case of failure to carry out their task.”

Separation of powers protect citizens" rights 

He added, “Muslim Brothers believe in a State of institutions and that there must be a true separation of powers between the legislative, judiciary and executive branches of government in order to provide the basics of society that would ensure the enjoyment by its citizens of their full rights.”

Muslim Brotherhood and the Copts 

In reply to a question about relations between the Muslim Brotherhood and Copts, Dr. Habib said the latter are part of the fabric of this society, they form with us one body of citizens living in one country and have all the rights associated with citizenship.

 Habib went on to say that, “Muslim Brothers believe that filling public posts must be based on considerations of efficiency, ability and distinction. Successive governments have during several decades tried to instill in the minds Copts fears related to the ascendancy of Muslim Brothers. This has contributed to Copts’ self-imposed isolation and the absence of attempts on their part to integrate themselves in the political life.”

Hamas restored palestinians" dignity 

The Deputy Chairman of the MB concluded his interview by stressing that Hamas had played a vital role in redeeming the dignity of the Palestinian people, by directing painful strikes at the Israeli occupying forces, thereby shattering its security doctrine and causing it human casualties, an economic slowdown and reduced touristic activity within the Zionist state.