Habib responds to claims MB has militias
Habib responds to claims MB has militias
Friday, July 6,2007 16:57

DR.Mohamed Al Sayed Habib, the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, declared- concerning some newspaper reports about a group of students in Al-Azhar University who presented dramatic sections inside the university dormitory- that some students did this out of their own, the Muslim Brotherhood doesn"t have armed militias, and that it doesn"t train its members on martial arts, pointing out that these students are being reprimanded because this is rejected in form and content.

Dr. Habib confirmed that the students have the full right to use all peaceful and legal means to express their rejection and protest towards the university administration"s unjustified oppressive dismissals against some students; the university administration shouldn"t have closed doors and outlets in front of students to exercise their activities inside the university .

Cairo on: 21 Dhal Hijjah 1427 (Hijri)
12 December 2006 AD