IkhwanWeb publishes a script of Hasan al Banna movie
IkhwanWeb publishes a script of Hasan al Banna movie
Saturday, October 31,2009 04:49

IkhwanWeb.com publishes movie script of "Hasan al Banna and An Unfinished Journey"

The details of a tentative scenario of the movie " Hassan Al Banna" prepared by the family of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood group, were revealed a few months ago.
The MB movie will be named " Hassan Al Banna and an undiminished journey " and will be produced by Mohsen Radi, an MB parliamentarian who, in turn, revealed allocating some L.E. 10 million for the movie"s production.

In a statement exclusive to Ikhwanweb, Mohsen Radi (an  Egyptian journalist and a People"s Assembly member for the Muslim Brotherhood) said he will open an international tender to produce the movie for those who want to participate in the production, pointing out that the actual cost of the movie may be more than L.E. 20 million .

Radi said that the scenario and dialogue of the movie were prepared by scenarist, Dr. Walid Qotb and three others, but Qotb heads the team; there are negotiations with another great director after a great director refused to direct the movie although he declared his approval two months ago; also, a great artist is currently negotiated to play Al Banna"s character although the movie team pressed for Nour Al Sherif for the leading role, while some other artists accepted to play characters in the movie, topped by King Farouk"s character which will be played by actor, Abdul Aziz Makhyoun .

Mohsen Radi- one of the movie producers- denied that the group- the Guidance office or its bodies – has any material, financial or supervisory role over the movie, confirming that he is working on behalf of Al Banna"s family without consulting the MB group regarding this, confirming that the group has a literary right to amend, or show its objections because it is the one mostly dominating facts and history and because Al Banna"s character and the Muslim Brotherhood group are inseparable".

The movie will reportedly hold an international press conference on 14 October in a big hotel to officially declare finalizing the preparations for Al Banna"s movie, especially that the day will mark the centenary of the birth of the Muslim Brotherhood"s founder.
The 3-hour movie was verbally presented to the Censorship on Artistic Material and it will be officially presented to it the international press conference that will be held to declare beginning the movie.
All shots will be inside, specially Ismailia city, Cairo and a number of governorates; this means excluding shooting the movie or part of it outside Egypt out of objectivity, because all Al Banna"s life was in Egypt.
Sources inside Al Banna"s family pointed out that the possibility of shooting the movie outside Egypt in case the security services and regime refused it is unacceptable because this is a contradiction to facts as Al Banna spent his life in Egypt, hence, it isn"t objective to shoot the movie outside Egypt .

The scenario of the movie starts with Al Banna"s funeral scene- a coffin carried by three women; soldiers surround them from every side and tanks surround the funeral; people appear in balconies stifling their cries; some of them were pointing one finger to the coffin indicating monotheism; the funeral was followed by an aged man and, beside him, there was a man wearing a suit and glasses holding the elderly man by the hand and supporting him with the cross appearing in his hand- indicating that he is Makram Ebeid Pasha- and there are people at the distance, as one of them comes quickly sweating and he takes off his tarboosh and asks in a whispering voice " whose funeral is this?" and no one answers him; he approaches soldiers who surround the funeral and asks one of them, and he answers him with a very low voice and with tearful eyes " Hassan Al Banna"s" to be stunned by a slap on his nape and the man who is asking is arrested while shouting " I did nothing", then the movie titres appear .

The movie opener- after the titres- shows a 16 years old young man- Hassan Al Banna- sitting in a train with closed eyes and murmuring with recitations of Holy Quran verses while arriving in a station called Mahmoudiya; he enters clockmaker shop where there is an old man whom the young man shake hands with and kisses his hand as a sign of respect; we know he is his father who tries to take him home but Hassan informs him that he is fasting and that they would better stay to work and then go to have break their fasting in the house .

In his house, Hassan"s mother puts Iftar, while jokingly blames him for loving his father more than her since his childhood, and Hassan tells her jokingly that his father memorizes all the Quran and that he will love her as much as he does to his father because marriage equals half the religion, and all the family laughs even the youngsters, Abd Al-Rahman who is two years younger than Hassan, Abd Al-Baset, Gamal and young girls .
After the night prayer, Hassan meets his friend Mr/ Mahmoud Al Fangari in the mosque and they engage in a session of dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and studies. Mahmoud Al Fangari a merchant who seems to be rich; some rebuke Al Fangari because he befriends Hassan Al Banna who is younger than him and in less position and is poor and Al Fangari doesn"t reply as if this rebuke affects him; in fast shots, the group sits, recites the Quran and then goes out holding each other by the handsand chanting beautiful songs marking the Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday .
In another scene, Al Banna stands praying in the darkness of the night in a small mosque on the canal. Then he wakes people to commit the dawn prayer; after the prayer, he sits- beside him his brother Abd Al-Rahman- writing a schedule based on the clock: 5.30 to 6.30 jurisprudence, 6.30-7.30 interpretation, 7.30 to 8.30 Hadith (sayings of the prophet), with shots of Al-Banna showing and reading names of masterpiece books to Abd Al-Rahman .

A public shot of the Faculty of Dar Al-Ulum and the screen reads " the Faculty of Dar Al-Ulum " and shots of Al-Banna while he is in the faculty courtyard and while he is in the stands receiving knowledge, and shots of Al-Azhar in which Al Banna is inside it in rings of knowledge, and shots in which he is shown sitting with his scholars arguing and another scene showing his mother trilling while spells incantation on her son, sheikh Hassan, with the Chapter of Falaq "the Dawn" with his brothers father happily congratulating him because graduated from the Faculty of Dar Al-Ulum and was first ranked; the father asks him travel in a scholarship, Al Banna refuses because he has another target in Egypt, saying that he will be appointed in the government .

A public shot of Ismailia and the screen reads " Ismaili 1927 in which Al Banna appears carrying his luggage and enters the city to find streets named after foreign names; in the eastern Ismailia, there is Suez Canal Company and all are foreigners; in western Ismailia, he finds the English army command where the Europeans live in palaces and the Egyptians live in bad houses .

Al Banna leaves the mosque and goes out strolling in Ismailia till night falls and he enters an overcrowded cafe and he whispers to its owner, then he starts to speaks and people look at him in astonishment especially young men and he moves to a second and a third cafe- and people start to ask " who is that effendi?" raising his style of talking and search for his destination to find him in a small mosque at the end of the town where he teaches them ablution, prayer and reciting Qur"an with a sign on which "the Muslim Brothers Society" and he establishes a mosque and a school called the Islamic institute of Hira .

In the classes, Al Banna stands with students who learn crafts and a shot in gardens showing Al Banna playing with students and another showing Al Banna speaking to crowds and establishing branches of the MB society in all cities of the Canal .

Shots showing the sheikh speaking to crowds and gatherings and the screen reads names of different cities: Abu Seer- Port Said - Manzala- Suez – Gabasat Al-balah – Meet Marga .

Mr. Al-banna is in the train with closed eyes reciting in a low voice the Holy Quran and beside him his wife and his boys and an old woman carrying a heavy bag stands up- he carries the bag for her - then he returns and carries his bag and takes his young boys and gets out of the train .

Then the screen reads " Cairo 1932" also appears on the screen the general headquarters 5 Nassirah st. Sayeda Zeinab inside which Al Banna speaks to about ten individuals and then the screen reads " 13 Ataba Square " in which Al Banna sits and around him 50 persons whom he is lecturing.

Then, the screen reads " Al-Helmiya Al-Gadida" as Al Banna sits and around him huge numbers in the headquarters and in the surrounding streets while he is preaching to them.

A shot of Al-Banna and a group of his followers wearing Ihram (consecration) clothes topped by Al Fangari, and a shot of the Sanctuary of Mecca and exclaiming God is great around it, and a shot of a big hall labeled " the general conference of Islamic states under sponsorship of king Abdul Aziz Al Saud "- inside which the there are speakers from all nationalities and listeners who are asleep and they are from many nationalities as well; the announcer says vigorously that the speaker is Dr. Muhammad Husanein Haikal, Egypt"s Minister of Education; the great man of letters, Heikal speaks and the listeners sleep; Mr. Abdul Hakim Abdin whispers to Mr. Al-Banna that " people will sleep while you are speking ", and Mr. Al-Banna replied that all these races memorize and understand the Quran, "and  I will make my words related to verses from the Holy Quran" and the announcer says any one who want to make a comment can come and say it. Then, Hassan Al Banna comes, introduces himself and speaks and the crowds and delegations start to wake up and pay attention. After his speeches, the delegations come to him and praised him, ignoring Heikal, who later looks angrily into " Om Al-Qura " newspaper, saying" the only newspaper in Saudi Arabia published the full speech of the primary school teacher without publishing anything of my speech.

In a another shot, Al Banna is sitting on his desk and writing " and there remains only a strong hand sponsored by Allah with the Quranic verses guiding it, to find the world happy with Islam and all the world chanting praise be to Allah " and he puts the pen and folds the paper and writes on the letter to the His Excellency the reverend king King Farouk Cairo 1936, and he writes on another envelope His Highness the Prime Minister and on another one to the His Excellency glorified king of Jordan, and on another envelope to Haj Amin Al-Husseini, Palestine"s mufti; meanwhile, his wife enters and asks him to sleep because he gets up in the dawn and he does not sleep afterwards, and calms her down; then he begins to pray and his daughter comes and sat on his back and he calmly sits and finishes his prayer and takes his daughter between his arms and sleeps.
The screen reads Ali Mahir Pasha"s house 1940; there is a dialogue between Al Banna and Ali Mahir Pasha, the Prime Minister, and Abdel Rahman Azaam pasha and Aziz Al Masri pasha and Makram Ebeid pasha and Saleh Harb pasha, as Al Banna suggests that the government- to rescue itself from the Britons- to declare itself an Islamic government to make Britain think one thousand times before harming the government;  then, Ali Maher excludes harming his government because the king trusts it and that the king is keen on the country"s interests and not to involve it in war for no reason; Maher confirms that it will not declare involving Egypt in the Second World War, whatever the British army said. Al Banna confirms that all Egyptians are behind him.

In a shot in the British embassy, one of them reads a report in front of him that the number of the branches of the Muslim brotherhood society in Egypt reaches 500 branches; there are branches in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Sudan and he reads the ten sins laid down by Al Banna to find them including colonization, doctrinal political disagreements, usury and foreign companies and the reader says " this man will surely collaborate with Italy especially after declaring the war; the worst is that Ali Maher and his anti-British gang and the king support him"; Al Banna walks in the street and beside him Abdul Hakim Abdin and Mr. Al Fangari; someone meets Al Banna, greets him and kisses his hands and thanks him because the sheikh gave him the opportunity to preach in a mosque affiliated to the society in Banha, then appeals him to mediates to Ali Maher to promote him as he is an old employee at the Ministry of Interior- we know that this young man is called Abdul Rahman Ammar; the sheikh promises him to talk to Al Noqrashi due to the kinship between Abd Al-Rahman and Al Noqrashi, after which there is a shot in which Abd Al-Rahman curses the day that made someone like him goes to a clockmaker"s son and appeal to him to mediate for a promotion; in  another shot, the king sits with sheikh Mostafa Al Maraghi, Al Azhar Sheikh, and informs him that he decided to make the messenger"s birthday an official holiday and made celebrating it a necessity, then sheikh Mostafa Al Maraghi praises this, then enters Britain"s ambassador; Sheikh Al Maraghi asks for permission to leave, but Farouk orders him to stay, and the ambassador gives a warning to Farouk demanding forming a British-friendly government and sacking this government .

When Hussein Serri assumes premiership, he meets with Muhammad Husanein Haikal, the Minister of Education, and asks him- under demand of the British authorities- to curb Al Banna"s influence because he works for Italy"s interests, suggesting transferring him to Upper Egypt; Heikal hails this and transfers Al Fangari also to Damietta.
A shot of the the 10-years old Fatma, 7-years old Roqaya and the 4-years old Ahmed crying and saying goodbye to their father while the mother soothes them saying their father will return soon and the father is affected so much particularly by Fatma"s weeping because she has a special position in his heart.

A general shot of Qina, and the screen reds " Qina " .. Al Banna stands in a conference and speaking: I have gathered Muslims and Christians in this city today to point out that to them that under, Islamic Sharia, the Muslims and Christians lived in an unprecedented harmony... Islam is the way to justice on all and for all, and the attendants applaud warmly; in other shots, Al Banna preaches in mosques, churches, schools and in the fields and he leads people as an imam in the prayers..

Al Banna sits with his wife and jokes with Fatma and Roqayya and asks his wife about the state of his children, and he knows that Ahmed was sick, then he brings a file entitled Ahmed Saif Al-Islam, and he writes something in the file and informs her that every child has a file of his diseases so that the doctor can follow him up, then comes Al Banna"s father to visit him with his mother who lost her sight and she blames the sheikh and he cheers at her and says that he will leave everything today to be with them all the day.

People on a café holding a book entitled "Fire and Destruction in Palestine" and the people speak about the British whom Al-Wafd party calls "allies" and they see hideous pictures of them torturing holy fighters and hanging them with their legs and pictures of an English soldier tearing out the Quran- Britain"s ambassador screams saying this is a disaster and that Hussein Serri must arrest Al Banna– a security force breaks into the general headquarters and searches it and it finds the rest of the book; the officer asks "whose book is this?" Mr. Al Banna approaches him and says "it is mine" and then he is arrested with Abdul Hakim Abdin, Ali Al Fangari and many of his companions; the investigator asks Mr. Al Banna:" you incite young men, raise money for Palestine". "this is the duty of every young man" replies Al- Banna; " Are an Egyptian or a Palestinian" asks the investigator; Al Banna says:" I am a national Muslim Egyptian, all the Arab and Islamic territories are my nation; Mr. Al Banna is jailed for month with his companions "1941".

In another shot, a group of students that was preparing for a huge sit-in the university and mosques was arrested; Al-Zaytoun area opens while a huge minister"s car enters, and Al Banna is summoned to the office of the prison manager who asks the ministers permission to get out, and the minister and Al Banna negotiate on the disagreement between the government and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Mr. Al Banna is released but he asks whether the decision of the release includes Al Fangari, Abdin and his other colleagues, refusing to get out of prison without them and the prison manager holds contacts and Al Banna is released with his companions.

The king meets Serri and implicitly demands he improves the Muslim Brotherhood"s image in front of the British army because he is their friend; Serri tries to do so in a meeting with the ambassador who rebukes him for releasing Al Banna; Serri attributes this to his fear on the security system, especially that parliament will begin two days later.

Al Banna reads in newspapers the Germans advances inside Egypt"s western desert in a general shot and a sign reading " Al-Wafd " and we hear a voice saying " we must take to the streets and rock them - and demonstrations take to the street chanting" advance, Rommel", and Al Banna sits with the guidance office members hearing the demonstrations and comments " it is Al-Wafd which is advancing".

The MB chairman, Al Banna, says goodbye at the house door, the general mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al-Husseini and he sits on his desk lamenting Ezzedin Al-Qassam and twelve of his men because they were martyred in disproportionate battle.

The scenario incidents reveal in other shots more of Al Banna"s life and his relation with Al Nahhas Basha, Al-Wafd"s leader, and King Farouk"s anger at the Muslim Brotherhood"s attitude and their agreement with Al-Wafd, then Al Banna was arrested in a cell with forty detainees, refusing a private cell inside the prison, insisting that he wants to be with detainees; then Al Banna declares jihad in Palestine after the decision of dividing it, and he declares that the group sacrifices the blood of ten thousand volunteers for martyrdom in Palestine forcing king Farouq to allow that the Arab armies, not the Muslim Brotherhood, participate in the war.

The scenario has a shot in which Al Banna"s prayer in Khan Yunis in Palestine and his sitting with the town"s residents and his sermon to the volunteers who come seeking martyrdom and to fight the Zionist enemy.
Also, the scenario details Al Banna"s extreme anger with Abd Al-Rahman Sindi- the head of the group"s "special apparatus" after bombing a cinema downtown, injuring Egyptians; Al-Sindi informs him that no one was injured and that the owners of this cinema are Jews who are among the big supporters of Zionism in Palestine.

A disagreement erupts between Al Banna and Al-Sindi, hinting that Al Banna rejects the operations carried out by the special apparatus; Al-Banna fires Al-Sindi accordingly.

A hot discussion erupts between them after assassinating Al Khazendar in which Al Banna declared he is innocent in front of Allah from this decision that he described as a rule not ordained by Allah, making Al-Sindi declare his rebelling against Al Banna after the latter said that the bullets shot at Al Khazendar"s chest are actually shot at his chest; the movie ends with the famous scene of Al Banna assassination whose responsibility is blamed on the government and the British army.