The Deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood We Did Not Elect
The Deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood We Did Not Elect
Sunday, July 8,2007 08:47
By Al Said Ramadan

We, the Copts of the electoral district (24) that includes Al-Maasara and Helwan, were surprised when a deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood stood for the elections of the People"s Assembly in our electoral district and used some Islamic mottoes such as "Islam is the solution". Thus, the Copts of the electoral district refused to vote for him. Also, the Egyptian mass media played an important role in increasing our fears from the dominance of the Muslim Brotherhood over the People"s Assembly and, consequently, enacting some laws against freedom.
However, the deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Al-Muhammadi `Abd Al-Maqsud, achieved an overwhelming victory in the parliamentary elections. I do not assert authoritatively that all the Copts refused him, as I am talking only about my relatives, friends and those to whom I talked during the elections.
Following his success, one of my relatives and I went to his headquarters at Hadayek Helwan to ask him to render a service to us. We did not have any hope that he would respond to our request or even pay an intention to it. However, we were surprised of the friendly reception of his secretary. Our surprise increased more and more, when our services were fulfilled easily and with no complications under the supervision of the deputy himself. Actually, I was not the only Copt to ask him to render a service to me and find a quick response.
In addition, the honorable deputy celebrated with the people of his electoral district by the Mother"s Day, and a Christian lady (Umm Milad) from Hadayek Helwan won a prize. Also, I saw many of the Coptic brothers asking him to render a service to them, such as my friend Sa`id Tobia Takla.
Actually, all the actions that Sheikh Al-Muhammadi performs in the electoral district denote the religious tolerance and the national unity.
I call for my Coptic brothers of the electoral district (24) that includes Al-Maasara and Helwan to go to our new deputy without hesitation, if they face any problem.
If we did not vote for him in the parliamentary elections, we choose him now as man of the district. We, as common people, vote for the candidate who renders services to the people of his electoral district; as for his role in the parliament such as participating in enacting laws and supervising the performance of the government, we care only for what benefits our district directly.
Our congratulations to the man of the district, Sheikh Al-Muhammadi `Abd Al-Maqsud.
A letter
Dear Sir, Sheikh Al-Muhammadi `Abd Al-Maqsud, the deputy of the electoral district (24) in the People"s Assembly
We realized your great efforts in helping and caring for the people of your district, and your supervision and following up the ways to solve their problems. Thus, I hope that you accept me as a volunteer in the caravan of the human services and to be the lawyer of the poor who come to you from the people of our district. I will not have any fees except the charges and tolls. I have the great honor to join you in serving the people of our district and I promise you to make every effort in the cases of those people.
I hope that you accept my request of joining your caravan to serve our people.
Many thanks
Rimon Sa`d Polis