MB Military Trial Adjourned to August 5th
MB Military Trial Adjourned to August 5th
Sunday, July 15,2007 18:52

The Military trial against 39 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders was adjourned to next August, 5th, after Sunday"s session witnessed several violations, the most prominent of which was preventing ex-US Attorney General Ramsey Clark and a number of lawyers and human rights activists from entering the court.
This is the third time in which this military tribunal is adjourned, although its constitutionality is appealed by the defence team that doesn"t accept referring civilians to it.
Sobhi Saleh, a member of parliament and a member of the defence team for the defendants, confirmed that the judge overturned the pleading of the defence team immediately after they finished, without making any deliberation .
Saleh pointed out that some sequestered belongings of engineed Khairat Al-Shater and Hassan Malek including a laptop and safe that contains money were damaged due to the havoc with which these items were handled .
The wife of Hassan Malek confirmed to Ikhwanweb correspondent that many seized belongings were lost, including his lap top and the safe, and she burst into tears .
The defense team tried to convince the court that the defendants include sick cases, like Dr Essam Hashish, a professor in the Faculty of Engineering lost his consciousness in the dock out of severe fatigue, specially that the detainees weren’t served any food during the 7-hour trial session. No aid was given to Dr. Essam Hashish after he fainted.