Ramsey Clark, Sir Ivan Lawrence in Cairo to Monitor MB Trial
Ramsey Clark, Sir Ivan Lawrence in Cairo to Monitor MB Trial
Sunday, July 15,2007 20:19

Group of prominent politicians, human rights activists and journalists from around the world will participate as monitors in the upcoming session of the military trial for 39 MB leaders which will resume in Cairo on Sunday July 15. Among the international observers who will monitor the trial is former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Sir Ivan Lawrence, and British journalist Yvonne Ridley, in addition to representatives from Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International (AI).

Ramsey Clark and Sir Ivan will meet with the members of the defense team as well as families of the MB detainees. They well also hold a press conference on Monday to discuss the trial.

Ramsey Clark is the 66th US attorney General, he served under President Lyndon Johnson from 1967-1969. He is a well known civil and human rights advocate

Sir Ivan Lawrence, is a veteran British MP for 23 years and a former legal counselor to Queen Elizabeth. He expressed his will to call on Cairo to join the defense panel representing for the MB leaders and businessmen referred to military tribunals, after scrutinizing the action"s factual report. It"s expected that Sir. Ivan may not be able to attend Sunday"s session, since he will arrive to Cairo Sunday morning. He will monitor the court session and meet with the families of the MB leaders and businessmen on trial. 

Noteworthy, Sunday tribunal session will be dedicated to review documents, conceived by Military Prosecutor as valid conviction evidences.     

The Egyptian Supreme Administrative Court, which is considered as Egypt"s highest court, has found legal irregularities in the case and acquitted all of the defendants three times and ordered their immediate release and their frozen money. However, the Egyptian government did not honor the court"s verdict and ordered all acquitted MB leaders, who are civilians, to be tried before military tribunals.