Press Syndicate Holds Meeting to Show Solidarity with MB Detainees
Press Syndicate Holds Meeting to Show Solidarity with MB Detainees
Tuesday, July 17,2007 15:09
The Freedoms Committee in the Egyptian Press Syndicate held on Tuesday evening a vigil in solidarity with journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin who is transferred along with some Muslim Brotherhood leaders to the military court. The demonstrators showed their full protest against arresting him and transferring him to a military trial in a flagrant violation to press freedom in Egypt. The vigil was scheduled to be followed by a press conference.
Essam El-Erian, a Muslim Brotherhood leader who participates in the vigil and the following press conference, said:
We hold this press conference to show solidarity with Muslim Brotherhood detainees transferred to the military court and to call for rights of citizens and that people must stand trial before a competent, not a military, judge. We want also to unveil the injustices these reformists have been subjected to. We also condemn the bad repressive measures. We want to say a word of truth to oppressors because this is a national and human behaviour conducted by all people all over the world. We want to make all the world get acquainted with the injustices facing the oppressed in our country .
Nihad Al Biali, wife of engineer Ahmed Shousha who is referred to the military court, told Ikhwanweb:
We are actually using every possible means to have our issue heard of all over the world. We have previously went to the People"s Assembly and other places to speak about our ordeal. We will continue this peaceful method regardless of the result. We have met encouraging reactions from apathetic neighbors and colleagues who know very well the reality of those thrown behind bars and that they are reformists.
Regarding Sunday"s third session of the military court, Mrs Nihad said:" What happened in the past three military court sessions is an absurd farce in the full meaning of the word. This farce recurred in the last decade but they add this time the ordeal of freezing assets. The same farce is reloaded and the reformists are thrown behind bars to prevent them from working for the good of their country.