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  • September 10, 2008
  • 8 minutes read

Printing Office of Islamic Publishing House Robbed By Strangers

Printing Office of Islamic Publishing House Robbed By Strangers

A group of thieves broke into the printing office of Islamic Publishing House (IPH) owned by a Muslim Brotherhood leader in the 10th of Ramadan City on Wednesday and seized most of its contents, eyewitnesses and director of the company said.

Some eyewitnesses reported that a group of individuals dressed in civilian clothes have consistently come since Ramadan 5, during Iftar (Ramadan Breakfast) time, and stormed the printing office, seized some of its contents and put them in the truck that transferred them.

IPH is owned by Ahmad Ashraf, one of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders who received jail sentences in the latest controversial military tribunal.

Osama Mohamed ,Director of  IPH printing offices, stated that the stolen objects were Five motors of  thread, drying and folding machines, six Compressors of printing machines, in addition to papers and plates that represent the company’s capital and also its customers capital, one telephone ,one photocopying machine, two refrigerators, four cooking stoves, and they smashed the safe and stole 30 thousand pounds that were inside,” adding that he talked to the Criminal Investigations to put a special guard on the printing offices until filing an official plea to the State Security Investigation to probe into the matter.


Egyptian SSI had launched an aggressive campaign in late of 2006 against a number of publishing houses and Islamic bookshops, as many offices of IPH, Al-Bashaeir House in Al-Haram, Al-Ealaam Bookshop in Nasr City, and the Printing House of Publishing were closed.

This took place In addition to closing the store belonging to IPH in
Qaliub City, the printing office belonging to Printing House for Publishing in the 10th of Ramadan City “Al Ashir Min Ramadan City,” and closing its offices in Nasr City. Moreover, the security forces arrested Ahmed Ashraf, owner of IPH who was imprisoned in the latest military tribunal against MB leaders, and Aktham Al-Taweel, owner of Al-Bashaeir House.