Prison hospital assessed, Mubarak’s names removed from public places and daughter-in-laws summoned

Prison hospital assessed, Mubarak’s names removed from public places and daughter-in-laws summoned

Egyptian Prosecutor-General Abdel-Magid Mahmoud has appointed a leading forensic doctor to assess the state of the Tora Prison hospital contemplating the transfer of the ousted Mubarak there. The doctor is expected to ascertain whether the hospital is equipped to tend to Mubarak’s health care and needs.

The 83-year-old is currently under arrest at a hospital in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh and has been remanded for 15 days in jail pending investigations on April 13. The deposed Mubarak is due to be questioned about allegations of corruption and alleged violence against protesters during the popular uprising which began January 25 and led to his stepping down February 11.

The former president’s two sons, Alaa and Gamal, are also serving a 15-day detention order in Tora Prison. According to Egypt’s state news agency Mena reported on Thursday Mubarak’s health is unstable.

In a new bout of corruption exposed both wives of Mubarak’s sons have been summoned for questioning over the vast amounts of assets and funds accumulated during Mubarak’s reign.

Related, a court in Egypt has ruled that the names of the ousted Mubarak and his wife Suzanne be removed from all public places. Hundreds of public squares, streets, libraries and schools across Egypt are named after the couple. It is expected that Mubarak’s name would also be removed from all ministry facilities, including a major underground station in central Cairo.  According to Judge Mohammed Hassan Omar said who ordered the removal it has become clear that the size of the corruption that’s being uncovered every day exceeds by far anyone’s imagination. BBC  in Cairo reports that there have been suggestions for streets to be renamed after the people who were killed in the recent anti-government protests.

Thursday’s papers also reported that one of the Egypt’s most prestigious awards, the Mubarak Award, has been abolished adding the cabinet announced it approved a diktat law on the establishment of the Nile Prize in the fields of literature and the arts and social sciences, science and technology in its place.