Prisoner club appeals for Palestinian prisoner who lost sight in both eyes

Prisoner club appeals for Palestinian prisoner who lost sight in both eyes

The Palestinian prisoner club in Jenin appealed to all human rights organizations to raise the issue of a Palestinian prisoner called Allam Attari in the Israeli Galboua prison who lost vision in both eyes due to medical neglect, pointing out that he needs a medical follow-up immediately.

The club had already warned in January that prisoner Attari might lose vision in both eyes if immediate treatment was not accorded to him and appealed to human rights organizations to intervene, but to no avail.

The Israeli prison authority had refused to accord proper treatment to Attari, who is serving a 16-year-sentence, despite his repeated appeals.

For their part, Galboua prisoners appealed to all institutions concerned with prisoners” rights to fulfill the medical needs of prisoners Othman Younis and Khaled Abu Hamad, where the prison administrations refused to provide them with even gauze bandages to wrap their wounds.

The club also expressed serious concern about the life of prisoner Zakaria Ammar from Jenin because the prison administration deliberately neglects his case, where he suffers from heart failure and already underwent catheterization, pointing out that he needs an urgent medical follow-up and supervision.

In the same context, many Palestinian prisoners who were transferred lately from the Israeli Megiddo prison to the Negev desert prison reported that the health condition of prisoner Wajeeh Qawas, the mayor of Qalqilya, deteriorated badly, where he suffers from heart problems resulting from an artificial heart valve.

In a telephone conversation with the Palestine newspaper, the prisoners reported that prisoner Qawas became pallid and could not even stand up for prayers, adding that he is not provided at all with any kind of medical care or periodic check-ups.

In a statement received by the PIC, the Qalqilya municipality held the IOA fully responsible for the life of Qawas who has been administratively detained for more than a year.

The municipality appealed to the Red Cross and human rights organizations to open the file of prisoner Qawas, pointing out that it would send a lawyer to the Megiddo prison to visit the prisoner and document his deteriorating health condition.

For their part, the Qawas family called on the concerned parties to disclose the policy of medical neglect exercised against their son, announcing their readiness to provide those parties with his medical reports.