Prisoners’ center for studies appeals for helping kids, women in Israel’s jails

Prisoners’ center for studies appeals for helping kids, women in Israel’s jails

GAZA, The prisoners’ center for studies appealed to the Red Cross, the Arab League, the UN and all concerned parties to urgently help about 300 Palestinian children and 35 women exposed to daily violations in Israeli jails.

Director of the center Ra’fat Hamdouna stated that the detained children do not receive their minimum rights and suffer from suppressive acts such as isolating them in solitary cells and depriving them of seeing their families.

Hamdouna added that Israeli interrogators also use physical and psychological maltreatment against those children such as depriving them of sleep for many days and threatening them to extend their imprisonment, demolish their homes or arrest members of their families in order to force them to cooperate with Israel and work as informers.

The center director also outlined dozens of violations committed against Palestinian women in Israeli jails, especially with regard to the poor imprisonment conditions or their right to see their children.

In another incident, Palestinian longtime prisoners from the 1948 occupied lands called on the Hamas Movement to uphold its demand to include them in any future swap deal after they were excluded from many previous deals.

The prisoners made their demand during a visit made by Arab Knesset member Mas’aoud Ghanayem on Saturday to Jilboa prison to check on their incarceration conditions.

The prisoners told the Knesset member they suffer from restrictions imposed on the entry of books and newspapers and family visits.

Ghanayem makes regular visits to the prisoners of the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948 in order to report their needs and suffering to the concerned parties.