Prisoners at Nafha prison go on hunger strike

Prisoners at Nafha prison go on hunger strike

 Palestinian captives in the Nafha desert jail went on hunger strike to protest the campaign of harassment by the occupation prison authority against them, the latest incident of the campaign was last Saturday when all prison wards were raided and the prisoners were assaulted.

Head of the Mandela Foundation that caters for Palestinian captives, Buthaina Duqmaq, said after visiting the jail that an atmosphere of anger is prevailing amongst the prisoners as a result of the surprise raids and searches carried out by the prison administration at all times, day or night.

Captives told the lawyer that during these surprise raids and searches prisoners are taken out of their rooms and searched, rooms are ransacked, prisoners’ belongings are damaged and even copies of the Quran are opened and searched.

Duqmaq further said that on her visit to the jail on Friday the prison administration carried out a search despite the captives’ protests.

Duqmaq further reported that the prison administration moved the two Hamas leaders, Yahya al-Senwar and Muhammad Dukhan to Eshel prison and said that Dukhan was brought from Hadarim to Nafha prison two weeks ago, adding that Muhammad Nayfa Abu Rabiaa was also moved to the Nafha desert prison.