Prisoners’ center appeals for enabling Palestinian mother to see her kids

Prisoners’ center appeals for enabling Palestinian mother to see her kids

The prisoners” center for studies appealed to all institutions concerned with the issue of prisoners to enable a Palestinian mother called Fatima Azzak imprisoned with her one-year child in the Israeli Telmond Hashron prison to see her husband and eight children living in Gaza.

The center also called for pressuring Israel to release her and her little child and to lift restrictions imposed on visits and on sending and receiving letters to and from female prisoners” families

Mohamed Azzak, the husband of the prisoner, told the prisoners” center that his wife was detained two years ago at the pretext of planning to carry out a human bombing operation inside Israel, pointing out that his wife gave birth to their son Yousuf in jail and he was not able to see him till this moment.

The husband added that he and his eight children had not been allowed to see his wife and the new child Yousuf since she was sent to prison.

The imprisoned wife and mother had expressed, during a visit made by the lawyer of the prisoner”s club, a yearning to see her eight children and called for raising the issue of Gaza families” visits to their relatives imprisoned in Israeli jails.

She also noted that Gaza female prisoners live in great suffering because of neglecting their issue in light of the prison administrations” refusal to provide the prisoners with their basic needs even if they were sent by their families.

In another context, the Israeli military court on Saturday sentenced MP Mohamed Totah to three years and a half in addition to a two-year suspended sentence on a charge of participating in the Palestinian legislative elections as a Hamas candidate.

The Red Cross office in Tulkarm reported that the Israeli prisons authority decided Saturday to ban family visits to the Palestinian prisoners in the Negev and Ofer prisons as of today until further notice.