• July 17, 2014
  • 4 minutes read

Pro-Democracy Alliance: American-Zionist Axis Behind Middle-East Crises

Pro-Democracy Alliance: American-Zionist Axis Behind Middle-East Crises

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance says the Zionist-American alliance and its agents in the Middle East are responsible for ongoing troubles in the region.

The Alliance said in a statement Wednesday: "Every drop of blood spilled in Egypt or Syria, all ill winds that ravage the will of the people, their dignity and their honor, and every crumb missed by the hungry and poor in Egypt or Palestine due to deliberate starvation and the illegitimate siege, are the evil work of the Zionist-American alliance and its criminal agents in the region.

"The murderer Netanyahu and the Zionist gangs will certainly be defeated. Gaza will triumph, and all occupied Palestinian lands will be liberated. Netanyahu’s comrade Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi will be toppled soon. Nothing will help him, neither the military roadmap, nor the live bullets. Starvation tactics, dark dungeons and the total submission to Tel Aviv and the looting gang will not do him any good, either. Al-Maliki’s sectarian endeavors will not kill the revolution in Iraq. And Haftar the separatist enemy of the revolution in Libya will ultimately fail.

"God is greater than the traitorous junta, agents of America. In the whole region, there are volcanoes of popular rage and resistance rising in revolt, forging forward for freedom, with resilience and self-reliance."

The National Alliance called on Egyptians at home and abroad as well as all Arabs and peoples of the free world to join in a new revolutionary week to reject the Zionist-American conspiracy, under the title "Down with the US Junta".

The statement said Friday will be a day of solidarity with Gaza’s resistance to support the heroic Palestinian people and reject the Zionist aggression against them. Meanwhile, Tuesday, the statement said, will be a day of rage to condemn Al-Sisi’s subservience to the US monetary fund, the continued enforcement of food and fuel price rise decisions and the removal of subsidies. Flags of the enemies of the people will be burnt, and pictures of traitorous agents of those enemies, too.

The National Alliance also called for a gradual but powerful mobilization of all the people, in an escalating revolt in response to the suffering of the people, that will demand the rights of the martyrs in the memory of the Adaweya and Nahda horrid massacres, on August 14.

"Postrevolution Egypt will not rest or sleep until Cairo is safe from the junta’s treachery and recklessness, and until Syria and Iraq are rid of the treasonous gang."