• January 15, 2014

Pro-Democracy Alliance: Boycott of Coup Charter Proves People Devotion to January 25 Revolution

Pro-Democracy Alliance: Boycott of Coup Charter Proves People Devotion to January 25 Revolution

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance appreciates and praises the continued revolutionary activities by all Egyptians across the nation calling for a total boycott of the junta referendum with civilized and peaceful protests, despite coup brutality and terror.

Such brutality by junta forces killed 11 non-violent demonstrators and injured dozens of unarmed citizens so far, on Tuesday, shot by live bullets, as coup thugs and militias arrested a number of protesters, men and women, including three female minors who were taking pictures of deserted polling stations. This confirms that the coup leaders thrive on Egyptians’ blood, on repression and violence, and are not interested in anything but achieving their own personal ambitions.

The Alliance affirmed that the revolutionary, proud Egyptian people proved their devotion to the January 25 Revolution and loyalty to the martyrs, by boycotting voting places that looked totally empty in all parts of the country. Meanwhile, lying coup media zoomed in on a specific polling station in each region, where authorities massed people for the cameras, willingly or unwillingly, and ignored all the other clearly vacant stations.

The Alliance noted that manifestations of Mubarak-era fraud are very much in evidence, once again. Those were completely absent in the last five democratic elections. Now, people witnessed ready-marked voting cards, collective voting, electoral bribes, polling stations turned into military camps, NGO’s chased away, and pro-junta media performing camera tricks. The Alliance further affirmed that the large number of Egyptian judges who respect the independence of the judiciary, and therefore refused to take part in the false vote Tuesday, was a resounding slap on the face for the heinous putschists.

The Alliance criticized the withdrawal of coup security forces usually positioned outside churches. This is treacherous, since there are junta schemes of violence and chaos, which began this morning (Tuesday) in retaliation against the people, especially after the resounding failure of the referendum abroad and signs of a similar frustrating failure at home in Egypt.

The Alliance renewed its call for the masses to remain steadfast, continue the boycott of the illegitimate referendum, and persist in positive revolutionary activities.