• May 6, 2016
  • 7 minutes read

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Enough’ Friday, Reminding: Rabaa Rights Will Not Die

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Enough’ Friday, Reminding: Rabaa Rights Will Not Die

 Every day that passes brings new evidence to assure everyone that the failing Sisi and his illegitimate regime will not earn reap for Egypt anything but crises and losses – loss of dignity and rights and freedoms at home and abroad. It is Sisi who bears the responsibility for the poverty, economic collapse and the sale of Egyptian territory – and he shamelessly defends his "policies".

It is also Sisi who bears the responsibility for the criminal storming of the Journalists Syndicate, the humiliating brutal violation of their dignity and the freedoms of their incarcerated colleagues. Together with his cronies the junta, Sisi is responsible for the Rabaa and Nahda sit-in massacre which killed and wounded thousands of innocent unarmed protestors 1000 days ago.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance affirm that the entire Sisi gang’s ouster is the objective solution to the successive crises of Egypt. The Alliance salutes all efforts that defend dignity and freedom, and continues the "Leave" wave of revolutionary protests in its third week, which kicks off Friday (May 7) under the title of "Enough".

Egypt as a whole must say it loud and clear: Enough poverty, injustice and humiliation; enough contempt for martyrs’ rights and unjust incarceration of thousands of guiltless citizens; enough destruction, failure and loss of life in the Sinai; enough sedition, strife and division in Egyptian society; enough involvement of the military in civilian life; enough disputes and disagreements that extend the life of injustice and despotism.

The Alliance stresses the following messages:

First: To the traitorous murderer Sisi… He is fully responsible for the Rabaa sit-in massacre, the storming of the journalists union, the destruction of the economy, the madly soaring prices, and the scorning of staff and workers’ rights. There is no alternative for his ouster and trial of all his crimes, including the mass murder by coup forces of Rabaa protesters, whose blood will remain a curse that hounds Sisi and his cronies until they meet their inevitable fate.

Second: To all free, patriotic parties and groups… Our initiative for dialogue and partnership is still open for all to join. We emphasize that the future is for that true partnership, which recognizes only popular will, decisive and prompt transitional justice, and rallying together around the flag of Egypt – our free homeland – and the proud people, with every right to effective development and a decent life.

Third: To the families of Rabaa and Nahda massacres’ martyrs and injured protesters… We support your demands as we mark a thousand days since the coup regime’s crime of mass murder at the peaceful sit-in. We will not give up the right of any martyr or the injured. We will raise the slogan "Rabaa Rights Will Not Die". Let us remind the world of Egypt’s martyrs and their rights – forgotten, scorned and deliberately ignored by the murdering regime.

Fourth: We are part of the fabric of society. We raise the people’s demands for dignity and freedom. We will not accept that Egypt is harmed in any way. We will not recognize a military coup that is the cause of all the homeland’s current crises.

We will always appreciate and salute all patriotic endeavors, especially the journalists’ rage as they refused regime repression and stood boldly in the face of the tyranny of the criminal government. Our objective is to save Egypt, which is lost as long as the floundering Sisi is in office, and it is losing its dignity and freedoms – in an unbearable, intolerable way.

Fifth: Mobilize, and rally public opinion to wrest freedom, dignity and Egypt’s demands from the usurpers of power. Support all peaceful activities aiming to serve the interests of the homeland. We call on all patriotic media and human rights activists around the world to share in our protests and follow them closely, in a scene of change we believe be onto us soon.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance


Cairo: Thursday – May 5, 2016