• June 20, 2014
  • 5 minutes read

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Egypt No Military Camp’ Week of Escalating Peaceful Defiance

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Egypt No Military Camp’ Week of Escalating Peaceful Defiance

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance issued the following statement:

In the absence of any intellectuals or fair-minded individuals in the corrupt cronies class that has grabbed power in Egypt, and after forty years in the shadows of Camp David, images of military camps have been deeply imprinted in the minds of military coup commanders. They therefore went for a new round, aiming to turn the whole of Egypt into a military camp they run by their own rules, after the illegitimate farcical inauguration of the coup leader as president. But this will not happen.

We tell the coup leader – who is totally isolated from the people of this homeland: "Egypt is no military camp. The people are no pawns. They are no prisoners of war either", although that is exactly how the traitorous putschists have been treating Egypt and Egyptians since their ruinous coup 11 months ago.

"Egypt is no military camp" so militarization could cover everything, in main cities, ports, roads and all government authorities and establishments. Even mosques and honest citizens’ businesses have been nationalized. The putschists have increased working hours, without pay. Decisions are being made without any logic.

Heavily-armed security forces chase, brutally beat and arrest anyone, even children, carrying the smallest picture or badge reminding of the Rabaa massacres (by coup forces) or of the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi. This is a measure of how fragile this coup regime is and how trivial coup forces are.

The whole justice system is demolished by coup judiciary who act as the putschists’ blind tool, passing mass-murder orders for death sentences, without anything like due process, while coup jails overflow with innocent political prisoners, mostly detained for no reason and with no trial for long months, in the most inhuman conditions, and with daily torture sessions killing honorable citizens just for daring to express dissent, all while real criminals are released free to wreak havoc and complement the putschists’ handiwork.

"Egypt is no military camp"… and we will never recognize the coup, its tools or governments. We tell Egypt’s real soldiers: "Go back to your proper place and follow the good example of the real hero generals of Egypt, such as Abdel-Moneim Riad and Saad El-Shazly. Make your camps where they belong. A real soldier is not the one who shoots people dead in the streets".

It is most unbecoming of real soldiers to keep quiet regarding violations against students, the homeland’s future; or the good women of Egypt, symbol of the nation’s honor, especially in detention. It is most shameful for real soldiers to execute the nation’s Muslim preachers and scholars, the oppressed, the innocent, the vulnerable and defenseless ordinary people in police stations, and on the road-sides with military pistols.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance hails and praises all the Arab region’s revolutions against repression and fascist military regimes. The revolutionary Egyptian people announce it loud and clear, with condemnation of all states that support the illegitimate coup in this homeland: "Egypt will not be a military unit in the US-Zionist coalition. Regimes installed by the US in this region with coups and repression will never survive. Egypt will remain free and supportive of the right to freedom, dignity and justice in the region, rejecting terrorism which serves the West’s schemes, whoever is behind it".

To all the loyal revolutionary Egyptian people…

Escalate your peaceful struggle in a special revolutionary week under the title "Egypt is no military camp". Continue preparations for the popular uprising on July 3. Organize powerful economic activities to alleviate the suffering of the masses in their daily lives. Also, continue your religious and revolutionary activities in these blessed days, the holy months of Islam.

Escalate your campaign of boycotting supporters of the coup, especially this week, by removing pro-coup channels from your TV receiver list, and we mention in particular: CBC, OnTV, Al-Haya, Al-Nahar, Dream, Al-Mehwar, MBC Egypt, Al-Tahrir, Al-Faraeen, Al-Qahira wa Annas, and Sada Al-Balad.

Do not forget to prepare for the holy month of Ramadan: Fill the mosques… Fill the streets… boycott falsehood. Re-ignite the street-poster revolution once again. Al-Sisi is worthless in a state where patriotic people like you exist – heroes who do not give in to oppression and injustice.

The coup will end, soon. Down, down with military rule.

A nation that has the love of Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, in the heart will not waver nor cower

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: June 19, 2014