• December 18, 2014
  • 5 minutes read

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Together, We Save Egypt’ Peaceful Protest Week

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Together, We Save Egypt’ Peaceful Protest Week

To the revolutionary men and women of Egypt…

Your resilience, awareness and steadfastness over the past months have proved that the coup commanders’ schemes are worthless. Your thundering revolutionary rallies and continued resistance have trampled all the calculations of America’s junta in Egypt, made them lose their minds, and led them to muddled confusion, random reactions and internal conflict.

The situation is bad, to levels unprecedented in the history of Egypt. Anguish, organized looting and official thuggery are widespread. Tourism is being completely destroyed with a climate of terror that is scaring off foreigners. Military trials for civilians are being used in an attempt to cover up the coup criminals’ blood-stained hands. But that will not happen! Your revolutionary action will continue. There is no place in Egypt’s Revolution for paid brokers or wave-riders.

The whole region is atop a raging volcano. The hegemony and tyranny project is digging its own grave. Meanwhile, Egypt’s revolutionaries are determined to bring about victory for all the vulnerable in the whole world. Your revolutionary action here stops the axis of evil from reaching the very heart of the Arab world. You should realize how critical your position is in all this, know the importance of your revolutionary action in this decisive moment in the life of our nation, and move strongly forward to defeat the illegitimate coup.

The criminal leader of the military junta is bankrupt, after clear failure and rejection, both at home and abroad. He therefore is endeavoring to restore the state of corruption, with the same ugly faces that sell the homeland and impoverish the people and enriched themselves at the people’s expense.

But failure will remain the coup commander’s sole ally. The balance of power is already tipping in the Revolution’s favor. The crucial moment is not here yet; but it is close now. The Revolution will succeed with this generation of free men and women who proudly raise the slogan: No Retreat, No Surrender, No Waiting-around.

Continue to unite and close ranks, continue the revolutionary mobilization. Let us launch a week of protests in preparation for a thundering wave of demonstrations in memory of the January 25 (2011) Revolution, under the slogan "Together, we save Egypt". Raise the flags of Egypt and signs of Rabaa, of defiance and steadfastness. In your chants, condemn the criminal Al-Sisi, Mubarak, the Zionist enemy, the American conspirator, and the Gulf sponsors.

The Revolution’s clock is ticking. The time has come for all Egypt’s revolutionaries to join the march onto the road to victory, and to prepare for the dawn of a new and decisive revolutionary year, in which the Egyptian Revolution will go into a vital and pivotal stage of the peaceful struggle for democratic transformation. The Revolution will prove to the whole world that the will of the Egyptian people will not be easily broken, and that no-one, whatever tools of oppression or persecution they have, will dare divert the Revolution, stop its determined march, or delay its inevitable victory.

Egypt’s revolutionaries are capable of achieving the objectives of the January 25 Revolution and safeguarding its gains. Together, let us defeat the junta, reverse the coup, and prepare together for the post-coup stage. For, indeed, these are important stages of the Revolution that will not stop until all falsehood and illegitimacy is at an end. The people of Egypt will not abandon their freedoms and rights.

One revolution.. one blood.. one murderer

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Wednesday – December 17, 2014