• December 26, 2014
  • 6 minutes read

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘We Will Persist’ Revolutionary-Protest Week

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘We Will Persist’ Revolutionary-Protest Week

 To the great patriotic Egyptian people…

The Revolution is our way, and the progressive escalation of our peaceful struggle for the Revolution is our choice in this critical time to save what is left of Egypt, our homeland, from the clutches of the brutal colonial coalition.

You are the makers of the Revolution, and its rumbling voice. The Revolution is the arbitrator that will determine the fate of everyone. The nation relies on you and your strong resolve, your Revolutionary struggle, and your awareness of each phase. You are the Revolution, the defenders of the homeland, and the messengers of salvation.

The Revolution has won several rounds since its inception. It will not be harmed by abnormal, transitional situations. It is aware and alert. It consciously moves forth, never relying on neither the west nor the east; but it will not forget the support of friends. It believes that victory is from of God Almighty, at the hands of revolutionary men and women everywhere. The Revolution believes victory will be achieved, in time, sooner rather than later.

To our revolutionary youth and our proud and patriotic people…

We have no choice but to live with dignity in a free country, where everyone enjoys their rights, where no corrupt, cowardly traitors rule over the people. Our homeland must be free, guaranteeing a free future for all the people, their children and grandchildren. It has become clear to everyone just how humiliated and abused all the people are by the illegitimate corrupt military junta, puppets of the hostile American-Zionist axis of brutality and betrayal.

We want Egypt to be the land of democratic sanity, truth, justice, freedom, dignity, civilization and social justice. There is no way to achieve any of that except by overthrowing the illegitimate corrupt military junta, and putting an end to police state terror. This requires peaceful popular revolutionary action by all the people, in order to complete the Revolution and the challenge. All the patriotic people of Egypt must boycott those wicked oppressors and the emperors of corruption who looted the country’s wealth and resources and built their own factories from the blood and sweat of the poor. The time has come to redress grievances, exact retribution and wrest the people’s rights.

The Revolution will continue until victory is earned. Your Anti-Coup National Alliance will continue to be committed to the Revolution’s principles and constants. It will continue to support all revolutionary action and positive efforts until victory and the ouster of the military terror gang. Our greatest concern is to create the right climate for a final and decisive victory.

Continue the Revolution in a week of peaceful protests, under the banner: "We Will Persist", in preparation for the thundering January 25 wave of revolutionary action. Continue to raise the flags of Egypt and the Rabaa symbol of steadfast resistance. Chant against Al-Sisi the traitor as well as the Zionist enemy, the American conspirator, and the Gulf sponsor.

Defend your right and your Revolution. Believe you will triumph, that God will grant you victory. Never give up or despair… God is our Lord.

A new revolutionary year will bear witness that we remain committed to honor the pledge we made to the Revolution’s martyrs.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Wednesday – December 24, 2014