• May 1, 2015
  • 5 minutes read

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Workers: Vanguard of the Revolution’ Week of Anti-Coup Peaceful Protest

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Workers: Vanguard of the Revolution’ Week of Anti-Coup Peaceful Protest

 To all patriotic workers…

You were the fuel for the great January 25 Revolution. You paved the way for it when you defied Mubarak’s repressive regime and tore the tyrant’s posters on April 6, 2008 in Mahalla: that was the beginning of the end of the dictator’s rule.

Before and after that, you took part in many demonstrations and sit-ins demanding your right to freedom, social justice and human dignity, the same principles of the January 25 Revolution. For certainly, it is your Revolution; its principles are your principles; and its protection is your duty – in the face of the counter-revolution that has scorched your backs and the backs of all Egyptians, with rapidly rising prices, absurd laws and bad economic policies.

Because the coup leader knows well the crimes he committed against you, he could not face you in any factory as he celebrated your (Workers’) Day, preferring instead to celebrate it in military barracks, unlike the real leader, the true son of the January 25 Revolution, President Mohamed Morsi, who celebrated Workers’ Day with you at the Steel Company.

This is your chance to recover your Revolution, then reclaim your rights and defend your livelihoods, your children’s resources and your country’s wealth. On this anniversary, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance calls for a revolutionary week under the title "Workers: Vanguard of the Revolution".

We call on all patriotic workers to join the revolutionaries in the street, who have been marching tirelessly every single day over the past 22 months, never intimidated by the brutality of the junta’s repressive regime, nor its threats, and who never gave up their right to a decent living, social justice, and human dignity. Your participation with them will accelerate the downfall of the traitorous junta and its illegitimate regime and stop the deterioration of your lives and livelihoods.

To the great patriotic people of Egypt…

Remember: the coup regime announced its position clearly since its early days, affirming it stands against the poor. Its successive decisions and decrees – e.g.lifting of subsidies on key commodities – are the best proof of that.

The great Egyptian people suffer, tremendously, the effects of these absurd decrees, even though they are prevented by the oppression of the junta’s security machine from expressing their opinion publicly. However, the junta will not be able to quell the honorable people of Egypt for much longer. The moment will soon come when these noble people’s anger will explode and topple the gang that destroyed their livelihood, their homes, their lives, and even their dreams.

Victory for the Revolution… Glory to the Martyrs

Justice and decent living for workers

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Thursday – April 30, 2015