• February 13, 2016
  • 7 minutes read

Pro-Democracy Alliance calls ‘Rally Against Poverty’ Week of Revolutionary Protests

Pro-Democracy Alliance calls ‘Rally Against Poverty’ Week of Revolutionary Protests
Cancerogenous wheat, contaminated water, collapsing economy, extrajudicial killings, state-sponsored torture, mounting debts, closed-down companies, shuttered factories and displaced workers… contrast sharply with ruling regime thieves and murderers racing to squander the people’s money on luxurious red carpets, as they tell Egyptians to tighten their belt, demanding more austerity of the impoverished people, compelling them to accept absurdly huge and frequent price rises imposed by the brutal junta and its putschist regime.

To the great people of Egypt…

You are the nation that toppled the head of despotic Mubarak’s regime with your steadfastness in liberty squares of the Revolution and your determination to oust the repressive regime. You are certainly capable of taking the Revolution to a triumphant conclusion, ousting the corrupt regime remnants.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance  calls for the continuation of peaceful popular protests until we topple this oppressive murderous military regime, in a new week of revolutionary rallies entitled "Rally Against Poverty".

The heinous murderers who usurp power and trample popular will have made Egypt a graveyard for opponents, the poor and tourists. The arrest, enforced disappearance and killing of Italian student and researcher Giulio Regeni, to whose family we extend our sincere condolences, is a ‘standard’ method used as a matter of course by the current ruling regime and its security apparatuses against thousands of Egyptians, amid shameful and unfortunate international silence.

Similarly, attacks by the junior police officers on doctors in hospitals are part of a ferocious general revenge by the military junta and its cronies against all the Egyptian people – workers, lawyers, journalists, engineers, traders and office clerks.

The path of the Revolution is clear. We do not compromise in overthrowing the coup, reinstating the democratic process and popular will, and achieving all the principles and goals of the January 2011 Revolution (bread, freedom, dignity and justice), and fair and prompt retribution for the martyrs.

We solemnly salute all Egyptians who have stood steadfast for over two and a half years now, especially President Mohamed Morsi. We appreciate efforts of all political currents in support of the Revolution.

Let us agree to defend the freedoms and the rights of thousands of detainees. Let us expose the repressive regimes’ inhuman crimes of enforced disappearances, state-sanctioned executions and torture, slow death in prisons and detention centers, and the total absence of justice.

To the great people of Egypt…

Rid yourselves of the plague of false and deceptive media. Break the fear barrier of coup security bullying. Unite, close ranks and rally for Egypt’s freedom and dignity and the rights of its poor and all the oppressed. There is no longer time for this homeland to lose.

We strongly reject the idea of a coup against the coup. We will not be distracted by the conflict raging among the coup regime’s institutions and apparatuses. We will not accept Western intervention or dictates.

We believe that the will of the proud people, of all Egyptians, is getting stronger and spreading wider – with more categories of the crushed people joining us – every day. The Revolution will soon get back on track, siding with popular will and the rights of detainees, martyrs, the poor, and present and future generations.

The Anti-Coup Alliance will continue its untiring endeavors for the present and the future of Egypt. This treasonous coup has pushed the country into a bitter reality. It will push it into a scary future. Hence, every patriotic Egyptian must work selflessly for the homeland to oust this illegitimate coup regime.

Victory for the Revolution

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: Thursday – February 11, 2016