• November 4, 2013
  • 4 minutes read

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘World Salutes Steadfast President’ Million-Man March Tuesday

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘World Salutes Steadfast President’ Million-Man March Tuesday

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance salutes the steadfastness of the abducted President Mohamed Morsi in the face of the murderous military coup and before the putschists’ judges, his commitment to constitutional legitimacy and his upholding of popular will.

The Alliance also deeply appreciates the diligence and determination of the millions of people who turned out Monday morning as the false trial of the elected President began, to greet the steadfastness of the legitimate President of Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, and to announce a popular trial of the July 3 coup commanders in all the streets and squares of Egypt.

President Morsi’s rejection of the false trial’s proceedings and the pre-trial detention uniform, as well as his waving the Rabaa sign of defiance, certainly doubles his popularity. He has become a universal symbol of freedom and resistance and an icon of democracy that genuinely reflects the will of the people.

President Morsi’s Rabaa sign of defiance from inside the courtroom carries a message from him to the Egyptian people to continue to defend constitutional legitimacy and refuse the treasonous military coup, and to continue nonviolent opposition action against the repression and tyranny until the coup is completely defeated.

It is also a clear message from President Morsi that we must not compromise or lay to waste the blood of the martyrs shed in Rabaa Adaweya Square, Nahda Square and other massacres committed by the putschists against the Egyptian people.

The trial proceedings were definitely illegitimate, null and void: the putschists’ refusal to allow into the court 24 members of the defense team accompanying the President and leaders of the Freedom and Justice Party, their refusal to allow in a large number of journalists and media workers, only allowing in journalists and media workers loyal to the military coup, and preventing live TV broadcast of the so-called trial.

This reveals beyond a shadow of a doubt that the end of the bloody coup is near and shows clearly the putschists’ very real fear of their own approaching trials for the crimes they committed against the great Egyptian people.

The Alliance believes that extending the case proceedings for two months confirms coup fears of the massive crowds that turned out Monday to express rejection of the trial, and affirms the coup commanders and collaborators’ inability to find any justification to convince the people of the false trial.

The Alliance calls on the masses of the Egyptian people to come out Tuesday to positively participate in "The World Salutes The Steadfast President" million-man march in all areas of Egypt, as well as in front of Egyptian embassies and consulates in all countries around the world.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: November 4, 2013