• December 28, 2015
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Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls For More Protests Against Fumbling Junta

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls For More Protests Against Fumbling Junta

The political, administrative and economic failings of the treasonous coup commander Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi are now clear to all, including Sisi himself, who found the ground shake and crumble away under his feet, and so rushed to exhort his supporters for help, as his mentor Mubarak did the day before the so-called "Battle of the Camels" during the January 2011 Revolution. Al Sisi falsely claims that he has no desire for power and that he would leave immediately if the people wanted it.

He also claimed that he remains in power only to protect Egyptians. What a blatant and utter lie! The murderous criminal who had dreamed since he was a boy of seizing power in fact usurped power of an elected civilian President relying on tanks and armored vehicles, not popular will.

Indeed, this murderous general who claims he would readily leave, will only do so over the dead bodies of all Egyptians and on the ruins of this homeland. He had no qualms killing thousands of unarmed civilians, jailing tens of thousands, and making homeless many times these numbers, just so he realizes his bloody dreams.

The fact is: the people have spoken and said to Sisi, more than once, and in more than one way: "Go". But he did not and will not hear the voice of the people, because he knows he was put in power not by the people, but by tanks, armored vehicles, guns and dark dungeons.
The people have spoken, saying: "Go" – in all the demonstrations, that have not stopped since the coup until now. The people also told him to just "Go" in all farcical polls, from the sham referendum on constitutional amendments, through the fraudulent presidential elections, to the ‘show’ parliamentary elections. People turned their backs to Sisi and his gang in all of these farces, saying to them silently "Go".

Al-Sisi is keen to cover up his failures by instilling fear in the hearts of the people and threatening them with the fate of other unfortunate countries, ignoring the thousands of Egyptians he has killed, and the tens of thousands of people he jailed or displaced.

Absurdly, the fumbling general ignores the fact that ninety million Egyptians are now living in a big prison where they do not feel no security, safety, freedom or dignity, and suffer massive crises for food, education and health care.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance affirms that Sisi lies in each of his claims. The Alliance calls for a revolutionary new week under the slogan "Go, Felon". Let Sisi hear it once again: the people do not want you… If you have an atom of dignity or self-respect, you must carry your stick and your sword and leave. Nay, you should wait for fair retribution for all those you killed, imprisoned and displaced, a fair trial for all the disasters in which you dragged this homeland.

There is a general state of terror and confusion among Sisi’s gang, days before the fifth anniversary of the January 2011 Revolution. The Egyptian people should take this opportunity and unite to put an end to military rule, which decimated the country and humiliated its people, treating them as slaves.

Everyone should prepare for the post-Sisi era. Real revolutionaries should close ranks and rally for one goal: to finally defeat the military coup, and prepare an urgent program to save the homeland and the people.

As we receive the new year, in January 2016, we will not – ever – forget the patriotic men and women of the Revolution languishing in coup jails. We pledge to each of them that we will continue every effort to save them from the oppression, from prisons. We also pledge to prosecute and punish those who imprisoned and persecuted them, very soon.

Victory for the Revolution

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Friday – December 25, 2015