• October 3, 2014
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Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls Week of Peaceful Anti-Coup Protests to Mark October 6th

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls Week of Peaceful Anti-Coup Protests to Mark October 6th

 Eid Al-Adha is our special Muslim festive occasion: the Feast of Sacrifice. This year, Eid Al-Adha (which starts on Saturday) finds our homeland raging, our homes full of martyrs, anguish and destitution, in a climate of brutal repression that is pushing the people towards a massive explosion of rage. Nevertheless, we continue our peaceful revolutionary action, respecting the lessons of the great Prophet Abraham, and reiterating that our Revolution is one of sacrifice and selfless devotion.

Meanwhile, the most heinous traitor Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi muddles on in confusion and fear, as his militias continue to terrorize the people, abducting and imprisoning this homeland’s free, honorable and patriotic sons and daughters.

This year also, Eid Al-Adha coincides with the anniversary of the Sixth of October (1973 war) victory against Zionist criminals, which is not yet complete. Furthermore, Eid coincides with the memory of the martyrs of the October 6, 2013 popular revolt who were killed with army and police bullets in the vicinity of Tahrir Square and in various provinces, while general Al-Sisi and his partners in crime were clapping and dancing to the sounds of the bloodshed in a closed theater.

On this special Eid and 6th of October occasion, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance offers heartfelt congratulations to the families of martyrs, detainees, injured and missing as well as the abducted President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, the proud supporters of the Revolution, the honorable Egyptian people and the Arab and Muslim nation.

The Alliance affirms that the real day of celebration for all Egypt will be the day we complete the Revolution, achieve victory, wrest rights and freedoms for all, and exact fair and prompt retribution from the murderers and traitors.

Egypt’s real day of festivities is when happiness is restored to the hearts of families of the martyrs, detainees, wounded and missing, the day the people close ranks and unite against the real enemy that threatens our eastern borders, as happened in the Tenth of Ramadan (6th of October 1973 war), the day we overthrow the coup commanders who tore Egyptian society and turned the battle away from the external enemy to barbaric aggression against the people of this homeland, who are determined to maintain their Egyptian identity, their Revolution, freedom and democratic rights.

Egypt’s real day of festivities is the day the real liberation of Sinai is achieved, after Camp David stole it, and the military junta confused its identity, slaughtering its innocent people and demolishing their homes and mosques, as even the Zionists never did.

Until the real Eid and celebrations come – with our ultimate victory for freedom and democracy, the Revolution will persist peacefully in the streets and squares. There will be no celebrations for the murderous militias who killed Egypt’s smile.

Our civilized Revolution can differentiate and distinguish well between military men who played a role in building the army, prepared it for the October 1973 victory and kept focused on the true combat doctrine, and between the military generals who masterminded the bloody coup of violence and terror, altered the combat doctrine, failed miserably, and now find Al-Sisi too much of a burden.

The coming days are bound to correct the path; and the Revolution is capable of exacting retribution from the killers and the traitors after its ultimate victory.

We call on the patriotic people of Egypt to uphold the cause of the martyrs and the homeland during the days of Eid, and to positively participate in the powerful revolutionary activities on October 6, within a week of revolutionary preparations, under the title "God is Great… victory is our Eid". Millions will join the Eid prayers in all public squares, plazas and grand mosques.

Our powerful but non-violent revolutionary action will be everywhere, especially in front of the homes of the martyrs, and escalate until it reaches a revolutionary uprising with the start of the new study year at universities to support the coup-crushing student movement’s struggle.

The traitors should realize that flames of the revolutionaries’ anger are by no means extinguished, the volcano is not subsiding, their chants like thunder will continue to put fear in the hearts of tyrants and shake their blood-stained thrones.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Thursday – October 2, 2014