• January 11, 2016
  • 5 minutes read

Pro-Democracy Alliance in Fayoum Condemns Extrajudicial Killing of Anti-Coup Doctor

Pro-Democracy Alliance in Fayoum Condemns Extrajudicial Killing of Anti-Coup Doctor

 Coup militias in Fayoum, led by the criminal Nasser Al-Abd, committed a new horrid crime that reflects the panic of these criminals and their fear of the ongoing Revolution, popular rage and the protest wave to come. Saturday’s murder, in cold blood, reveals the putschists’ sense of abject failure and despair in their attempt to quell the revolt of the people of Fayoum. The majority of Fayoum residents reject the junta and the illegitimate putschist regime, for their crimes, brutality and debauchery.

Al-Abd’s militias committed another act of recklessness by killing one of Fayoum’s finest young men, a doctor called Mohamed Mahmoud Awad, 30 years old, in a rushed response by Al-Abd’s militias to the criminal coup commander’s order to contain youth.

This criminal gang must realize these facts:

First: Criminal acts and gang-like executions will not win legitimacy nor achieve stability; they will earn you only more humiliation and weakness. Blood will not cover your failures, the collapse of the homeland’s situation in all areas, or your treasonous commander’s failure in all matters of external and internal policy; they will expose you and your shameful crimes.

Second: The will of the honorable patriotic people will not be broken by your heinous killing machine; the martyrs’ blood will only make us more steadfast and determined to cleanse our country from you and your horrid atrocities, if not for the future of this country, we will do it for the blood of our martyrs who sacrificed their lives so all Egyptians may live free.

Third: If you kill opponents like Dr Mohamed Awad and others across the country, just before the anniversary of the January 2011 Revolution, to put terror in the hearts of the people, you are deluded. They will tread the path of the Revolution with steady feet until ultimate triumph over your utter evil. The Revolution gains new ground, new supporters, every day. It will exact retribution from you criminals very soon.

Fourth: Fair and prompt retribution for blood of the martyr Mohamed Awad and all the martyrs who have been killed by your bloody hands will be exacted soon. We pledge not to lay their blood and sacrifices to waste. We demand a just punishment for all those complicit in these terrible crimes.

We pray to God to bless the hero with eternal peace and bliss as a martyr, inspire patience in the hearts of his family and loved ones, make his blood the fuel of the Revolution, and help us fulfill our pledge and exact retribution for his blood and the blood of other martyrs.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Fayoum

Sunday – January 10, 2016